YouVersion Reveals 2021 Verse of the Year and Bible App Trends

“We are encouraged to see high levels of commitment to the Bible again this year, as it means people are looking to God and the Bible for answers to their questions. Even our verse of the year points to the heart of the YouVersion community to seek God and know him more, ”said YouVersion founder Bobby gruenewald.

Pandemic patterns solidify in 2021

Before the pandemic, YouVersion experienced peaks in Bible engagement every Sunday, typically 20% higher than the rest of the week. However, there has been a noticeable change in trends over the past couple of years. In march 2020, when people were unable to attend church in person, weekday Bible engagement increased by 10% and continued to increase over the following weeks. As churches began to reopen, peaks in Sunday Bible engagement returned, but not at the expense of daily engagement habits. In 2021, Monday-Saturday engagement was still up 24% from pre-pandemic levels.

YouVersion also saw an increase in community features when the pandemic hit, and those numbers remained high in 2021. In particular, the Maps with Friends feature saw a sharp increase in engagement during the shutdown and continues to grow. see 50% more subscriptions in 2021 compared to before. – pandemic rate.

“After a banner year in 2020, we are delighted to see that so many continue the daily biblical engagement habits they created last year,” said Gruenewald. “They step in after that initial moment of need and dig deeper to strengthen their relationship with God.”

Global growth continues after pandemic

The fastest growing geographies for app installs and daily scripture engagement were central Africa and South Asia. More precisely, the Congolese saw a 49% increase in biblical engagement and Pakistan has seen a 69% jump year-over-year. In each of these regions, worm sharing, video views, and search activity were high throughout the year.

In November, the YouVersion Bible App surpassed 500 million unique installs. As people around the world installed the app, they returned to engage with the Bible regularly. In 2021 alone, the YouVersion community:

  • Read 55.8 billion chapters
  • Read 8.2 billion audio chapters
  • Create 2.4 billion highlights, bookmarks and notes
  • 1.4 billion biblical plan days completed

YouVersion also added to its prayer function in 2021 with the launch of Guided Prayer, which guides people through a series of prompts to help them reflect on the scriptures and draw closer to God. In less than a year, a guided prayer has been performed over 38.4 million times.

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