YouVersion Bible App celebrates its 10th anniversary


OKLAHOMA CITY – In July, YouVersion celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Bible App, which was one of the first 200 free apps available when Apple launched the App Store on July 10, 2008. Over the next decade, the Bible App has been downloaded to more than 330 million devices and in all countries of the world.

“We could never have predicted the results we have seen as millions of people around the world have read, listened to, shared and interacted with the Bible and with each other in new ways,” said Bobby Gruenewald, Life.Church (Oklahoma City) Pastor, Innovation Leader and Founder of YouVersion.

After seeing 83,000 Bible App installs in the first three days, it reached 10 million installs in 2010, 50 million installs in 2012, and 100 million installs in 2013. Over the past decade , people have used the Bible App to: read 70 billion Bible chapters, listen to 12 billion audio Bible chapters, create 4 billion highlights, bookmarks and notes, and complete 2.4 billion days biblical planning

“Very early on, we found that closeness helped us engage with the Bible,” said Gruenewald. “As soon as I had access to the Bible on the phone which is always in my pocket, my connection with it naturally became more frequent.”

As the Bible App grew, users cited the ability to quickly switch between different versions of the Bible as their preferred feature. The app, initially launched with 15 versions and two languages, has since partnered with publishers and Bible societies to offer more than 1,700 different versions of the Bible, including Bible texts in over 1,200 languages.

With smartphones taking social media platforms to new heights, the YouVersion community quickly embraced social sharing features as they were added to the app. Over the past decade, Bible App users have shared over 950 million Bible verses, earning the Bible a prominent place in people’s lives and on social media.

Recognizing the opportunity to bring more relationship interaction around the Bible, YouVersion introduced community features such as a news feed of friends’ activities and the ability to study the Bible together.

The Bible App introduced a way for the Bible to reach us in our daily lives. Features like daily verse notifications, reading reminders, and daily sequences have helped people develop new Bible reading habits, sometimes after years of trying to do it on their own.

YouVersion will soon be launching Bible Lens, a new app that analyzes objects in a photo and detects Bible themes to suggest the Bible verse that best matches the photo. Then it automatically designs a high quality worm image which can be shared with friends. In addition, the app will have the ability to create worm images from photos saved in a person’s camera roll to help them rediscover every moment of their life through the lens of the Bible.

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