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Almost a year ago I was packing up my life in Pittsburgh, putting it in the back of a U-Haul and traveling about an hour and a half northwest here in Youngstown.

I went from sports reporter at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review to running my own sports department here at the Tribune Chronicle and Vindicator. Talk about a big change, but it was one I was ready for and one I had always envisioned for myself.

Growing up I wanted to be the next Chris Berman or Stuart Scott on camera on ESPN, but as I got older I realized how important local journalism was to places like the Mahoning Valley. Growing up, I loved seeing my name or picture in the paper, and that was the feeling I wanted to convey to high school students throughout my career as a journalist.

That being said, the past year has been a blur as my staff and I have tried to achieve this goal as much as possible.

When I started here, the Warren JFK baseball team had just won their state championship, the Scrappers were in the middle of the MLB Draft League’s first season, and I was settling in for my first season of football in high school here in the valley.

That first year of high school athletics turned out to be memorable.

We got to see the Ursulines football team and the Crestview boys’ football team make the trip to state championship games in the fall, while Maplewood’s Caleigh Richards brought home his second straight cross-country title. country.

The winter was just as exciting as we saw several basketball teams make it to the regional tournament, and I personally got to see two wrestlers, Ray Cmil from South Range and Landen Duncan from Chalker, earn their shots towards the glory as the two were on the verge of winning a state championship in Columbus. What an experience it was. The Raiders also won a tag team wrestling title this year, which was fun to see.

Saturday meant the end of the spring sports season. None of our baseball or softball teams have made it to Akron, but several teams have won district titles this season, which is an achievement in itself.

Let’s not forget our state track and field champions either. Richards, Nick Plant of Canfield, Megan Hipple of McDonald’s, and Valley Christian’s 4×100 relay team of RaQuan Bell, Phillip Spradley, Kwane Austin, and Marquez Gibbs have all won State of the State titles. ‘Ohio.

It’s been a fun first year here in the Mahoning Valley, but it’s also proven to be a year of growth for us here at the Tribune Chronicle and Vindicator athletic department.

Other than sportswriter Brian Yauger, we were all new to the area. This meant catching up with the things the previous staff used to do, understanding the weekly things they used to do and the yearly events they covered, all while putting our own spin on it. So thank you for being patient with us as we figured out what you, our readers, wanted.

With this first year under our belt, I promise you the best of our coverage is ahead of us and we have big plans for Fall 2022 and beyond.

We have already started planning our annual football brochure which will be released in August and we are also thinking about how we can further improve our coverage this year.

Year 1 at the Tribune Chronicle and Vindicator was fun, but Year 2 will be even better. Hope you enjoy the trip with us.

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