Woman Asks Elijah Wood To Sign Photo For Very Unexpected Movie


Most people who get an autograph from famous Hollywood star Elijah Wood would probably like him to sign a picture of one of the Lord of the Rings movies. Not this TikToker, though:

The best-selling, Oscar-winning trilogy adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s epic fantasy made Wood one of the world’s most recognizable actors for his portrayal of the heroic hobbit Frodo Baggins.

However, one woman decided she wanted the actor to bless a photo of another of his iconic roles with his signature.

This role is of course ‘The Guy’ from 2003 Spy-Kids 3D: Game over, where Wood plays the mythical player who is said to be able to beat the unbeatable final level of the game that everyone is trapped in.

What actually happens in the film is quite different, so spoiler warnings below if you haven’t seen this classic film yet.

Elijah Wood as the guy in Spy Kids 3: Game Over. Credit: Buena Vista International

TikTokker @fleeting_dreamer was able to meet Wood for an autograph at the Calgary Expo fan convention, where she presented him with a photo of him in the film.

A helpful Wood happily signed off the photo and remembered the character as “very cocky.”

That’s a pretty accurate description considering his character appears near the end of the movie, announces he’s “The Guy” everyone is talking about, and promises to lead the characters to the end of the game, only to be almost immediately electrocuted by a trap and losing all of his lives.

Some commenters pointed out that the photo he signed was a still from the film taken just before his sudden death, while others were pleased to see that Wood seemed to enjoy being recognized as “The Guy.”

Wood is in the film for less than two minutes, but fans enjoyed his appearance so much that it’s still a role people remember him for fondly.

Fans of the film still occasionally edit his Wikipedia entry to state that he is best known for his portrayal of “The Guy” rather than anything he did in the Lord of the Ringsor any of his other movies for that matter, and Wood had fun seeing how people still love him all these years later.

There’s something incredible about seeing the lead actor of what was the greatest cinematic trilogy of its time turn up for a cameo in a Spy Kids movie and be unceremoniously killed in less than two minutes.

While he’s still Frodo Baggins to some people, there are people for whom Elijah Wood is “The Guy,” and it’s always nice to see an actor embrace love for some of their most cult roles.

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