Why Live Movie Trivia Like Schmoedown Is So Much Fun To Do With Friends

The only thing better than a tight-knit group of friends is when that group shares similar interests. Back in my college days, I looked forward to chatting about South Park with my friends at the lunch table more than watching the show. Why? Because everything is better when your friends are involved.

And if you’re like me and my friends, the movies are what keep us together, keep group chats active, and frankly give us some free time away from our wives and girlfriends (but don’t tell them I said this).

Like all hobbies, however, even going to the theater can get old after a while. Lucky for you and I, there’s a way to share your love of pop culture that doesn’t require more than two hours of staring at a screen, and that’s live quiz events like Movie Trivia Schmoedown.

Boasting larger-than-life personalities similar to those who have given WWE its soul for decades, Movie Trivia Schmoedown delivers the best of the best when it comes to movies, creating an extremely entertaining concoction of very enjoyable entertainment. and intensely authentic competition. With championship belts in play and competing factions all chasing the top spot, Movie Trivia Schmoedown combines the best of pop culture and sports in one exciting event. It’s the ultimate sport for moviegoers.


What is the Trivia Schmoedown movie?

Do you like sports? What about entertainment? I have a feeling – since you obviously ended up on BroBible – that the answer is both. Maybe you prefer the two industries to join forces, like WWE and AEW. So guess what – Movie Trivia Schmoedown is for you!

Movie Trivia Schmoedown is the ultimate mental sport for the movie fanatic. Intense trivia movies with pro wrestling flair: Championship games, competing factions, MTS has the best competitors in the world. It’s not your parents’ game show, it’s not a trivia bar – it’s Movie Trivia Schmoedown.

How can you and your friends get involved?

Movie Trivia Schmoedown isn’t just something you can watch online (although it’s definitely an option on the Schmoedown YouTube channel and website), as MTS hosts tons of in-person events and is gearing up for it. their massive Schmoedown Spectacular VI event in Los Angeles on December 4th. You’re not in Los Angeles but still want to find out? No problem. Virtual tickets for Schmoedown Spectacular VI can be found on their official website and their Patreon.


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