What is Movie Trivia Schmoedown? A look at the country’s biggest quiz competition

One of my strengths as an entertainment writer is my encyclopedic knowledge of certain aspects of pop culture. Name a movie and I can probably tell you what year it came out. Ask me who won the award for best actor in any year I was alive – no sweat. Fun facts about production? I also have some in the bag.

However deep my film knowledge is, however, it is pale compared to the contestants – yes, the contestants – on Movie Trivia Schmoedown, the biggest cinematic event in our 50 states.

Featuring larger-than-life personalities who have made wrestling a staple of pop culture for half a century, Movie Trivia Schmoedown features the best of the best in movies, creating an extremely entertaining combination of enjoyable entertainment. and genuine competition.


What is the Trivia Schmoedown movie?

Do you like sports? What about entertainment? If you are reading this website, the answer is probably both. Or maybe you enjoy the convergence of the two the most, like WWE and AEW. So guess what? Movie Trivia Schmoedown is for you!

Movie Trivia Schmoedown is the ultimate mental sport for the movie fanatic. Intense trivia movies with pro wrestling flair: Championship games, competing factions, MTS has the best competitors in the world. It’s not your parents’ game show, it’s not a trivia bar – it’s Movie Trivia Schmoedown.

Where can you watch Movie Trivia Schmoedown?

Movie Trivia Schmoedown can be found on their huge YouTube channel, which has almost 300,000 subscribers.


Movie Trivia Schmoedown isn’t just a virtual event, as MTS is gearing up for their massive Schmoedown Spectacular VI event in Los Angeles on December 4th. Not in the California area but still want to attend? No problem. Virtual tickets for Schmoedown Spectacular VI can be found on their official website and their Patreon.

How did the movie Trivia Schmoedown start?

Like all good ideas, Movie Trivia Schmoedown creator Kristian Harloff came up with the plan… as a 20-year-old from Florida who ran his own boxing league, of course! Realizing that the concept that worked for boxing – building competitors, championships and leagues – for so long could be applied to other industries, Harloff combined this knowledge with his newfound love of stand-up comedy – the improvisation games, in particular – to create what has now become Movie Trivia Schmoedown. Oh, and a chance meeting with the one and only Sarah Silverman also played a part.

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