We Can’t Believe This Stupid Movie Is Real: ‘2025’

In a flashback, we see Roy’s big plan to revive Christianity is to spray the Jesus fish symbol all over town – until his friend is shot by a cop for doing it.

Wesley Bros.

*slowly plants an ice cream cone next to the corpse*

All of that probably makes this movie more exciting than it is, given that most of it takes place in a basement apartment furnished by Ikea.

Dear God, why didn’t they ban music too?

These poor pious people even have to celebrate Christmas in secret – you know, the notoriously unpopular holiday of Christmas? In the end, this straight white guy, who is also somehow the most persecuted human on Earth, perseveres by producing a webcast, somehow making this whole movie look like misleading publicity for the director’s YouTube channel.

Wesley Bros.

And at very end, he is taken into the woods and bullet in the head.

Wesley Bros.

We haven’t even mentioned the romantic subplot featuring Wesely’s real-life girlfriend, who, incidentally, just turned 18. Yeah. At least we now know what it would be like if Tommy Wiseau made a sci-fi movie based on a Chick tract.

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Top Image: Wesely Bros.

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