Wawa Inc. opens the books for new recruits from Jersey Shore to VA


How often do you go to Wawa for gas, or inside for a hoagie, smoothie, snacks, food of any kind? Everyday? Every other day?

There may be a job for you or someone you know.

On Monday, Wawa Inc. announced in a written statement that it was beginning hiring for the upcoming summer season with the goal of recruiting 1,000 from Jersey Shore stores in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

In New Jersey alone, 37 Wawa stores are hiring for the summer beach season.

  • Avalon, 2701 Ocean Drive
  • Barnegat, 550 Main Street North
  • Barnegat, 945 West Bay Ave
  • Brigantine, 3932 Brigantine Boulevard
  • Brigantine, 813 Brigantine Boulevard West
  • Cape May, 1426-28 Texas Avenue
  • Cape May, 3719 Bayshore Road
  • Cape May Courthouse, 224 Main Street South
  • Clarksburg, 548 Monmouth Road
  • Galloway, 719 5th Avenue
  • Township of Long Beach, 13115 Long Beach Blvd.
  • Margate, 9300 Ventnor Ave
  • Marmora, 30 Shore Road
  • Manahawkin, 1400 Route 72
  • Manahawkin, 320 Route 72 East
  • Manahawkin, 470 Main Street North
  • Manasquan, 2432 Route #35
  • Middletown, 75 Appleton Avenue
  • Neptune, 1344 Corlies Ave.
  • Normandy Beach, 3485 Route 35 North
  • North Wildwood, 330 Spruce Ave West
  • Ocean City, 110 34th Street
  • Ocean City, 1250 West Ave
  • Ocean View, 2500 North Route 9
  • Rio Grande, 3601 Route 9 South
  • Sea Isle City, 3800 Landis Ave
  • Bottom of the Ship, 902 Central Avenue
  • Somers Point, 16 MacArthur Blvd.
  • Somers Point, 102 New Road
  • Somers Point, 502 Shore Road
  • Stone Harbor, 9404 3rd Avenue
  • Toms River, 179 Route 37 East
  • Toms River, 2302 Route 37 East
  • Ventnor, 5212 Ventnor Ave
  • Villas, 1515 Bayshore Road
  • Wildwood, 418 West Rio Grande Ave
  • Wildwood, 3200 New Jersey Ave.

The hiring announcement is part of the company’s annual hiring campaign to fill seasonal jobs.

Your job also comes with perks, including a free shorti hoagie every shift and a special associates menu that will also give you discounted groceries to buy for yourself.

“Summer is an exciting time in Wawa stores. We are looking for associates who want to thrive in a customer-focused foodservice environment in a company with a unique teamwork culture,” said Stephanie Capaccio, Director of Operations for the people, in a press release. “Everyone who visits Wawa knows that it is our amazing associates who drive our business and make Wawa so special to our customers and our communities.

There are full-time and part-time positions open and salaries, including a starting salary for hourly store associates of $15 per hour.

You can apply online on the Wawa careers website or in person if there is a career hiring session.

Dan Alexander contributed to this report.

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