Vin Diesel unveils the first teaser for his new film

Vin Diesel has been busy teasing fans with the return of one of his most beloved characters: Richard B. Riddick.

While most moviegoers will no doubt know Diesel as family-obsessed mercenary and car enthusiast Dominic Toretto in the Fast And Furious franchise, Diesel helped bring a multimedia cult hero to life when The Chronicles Of Riddick began. in 2000.

The series began as a low-budget horror film from director David Twohy called field black. Diesel starred as Riddick – a deadly prisoner transported across the galaxy. But when the prison ship crash-landed on the surface of a dangerous alien planet, Riddick was the only man who could help save the crew from certain doom. .

The Chronicles of Riddick has since incorporated a handful of movies, a few books, and some surprisingly great video games. The last film, simply called Riddickreleased in 2013.

It’s been pretty quiet on the Riddick front since then, probably because Diesel stars and serves as a producer on the Fast And Furious movies, which would take most of anyone’s time.

Writing “exciting is an understatement,” Diesel shared a handful of storyboard images from the upcoming film’s script, confirming that the project is well and truly on the move now. Interestingly, the script even seems to tease the idea of ​​Riddick meeting a successor, which would be an interesting path for the next movie (and predictably lead to more spinoffs).

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