Viewers all have the same review of Netflix’s disaster movie 13 Minutes

Netflix’s latest hit film has viewers step into the shoes of people facing the death and displacement of a gigantic cyclone, but according to some viewers, there’s just not enough of the tornado to satiate. their appetite for destruction. You can see the trailer for 13 Minutes below and form your own opinion:

Basically, the film – directed by Lindsay Gossling and starring Amy Smart and Thora Birch – is about a huge tornado that arrives to destroy a community in the heartland of the United States.

However, the main gripe most people have had about the movie so far is that the movie takes quite a while before the tornado actually happens.

Not exactly the norm for a disaster movie, is it?

A synopsis for the film reads, “The largest tornado on record threatens to rip apart a small town, giving residents just 13 minutes to find shelter, search for loved ones, and fight for their lives.

“After utter devastation, four families must overcome their differences and find the strength within themselves and each other to survive.”

Sounds pretty exciting, right?

Credit: Netflix

Well, some people are annoyed that they weren’t overwhelmed by disaster from the start and had to be patient before they got their fix.

One person wrote: “13 minutes on Netflix wow crazy tornado movie think it’s called 13 minutes because it’s about 13 minutes before the end of the 2 hour movie that the tornado appears.”

Another said: “If you see ’13 Minutes’ trending on Netflix.. yes, don’t recommend it, no idea why it’s in the top ten right now, appalling.”

A third commented: “I just watched 13 minutes on Netflix…

“I feel like they should have made it a series instead, because they introduced us to all these different characters without giving them development.

“A lot of construction for nothing.”

A fourth person added: “So I just watched #13Minutes which for some reason seems to be in the top 10 on The Netflix,

“Let me save you some time… It would still be too long if it was only 13 minutes, unfortunately it’s almost 2 hours.”

“Saying that I watched the whole fucking thing naturally.”

Still, people obviously watch the movie, even if not all of them are fans after the end.

The film currently sits atop the most-watched charts for Netflix in the UK.

Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes shows it has a rating of 27% and an audience score of 52%, which is perhaps a bit more telling.

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