UK TV channel slams cops for showing Emoji film rather than Queen’s funeral

While all other UK TV networks dropped their usual lineup on September 19 in order to show the monarch’s final moments in public, Channel 5 decided to go against the grain and opted for a film which has been criticized.

Even UK porn channels halted screenings until after the Queen’s funeral.

The film features James Corden as a character called Hi-5. Patrick Stewart, who won Olivier, Tony, Golden Globe, Emmy and Screen Actors Guild awards, also showed off his versatility by playing the Poo emoji.

Either way, people on social media went wild over the network’s somewhat odd decision.

A Twitter user said: “Seriously, shame on Channel 5 for showing The Emoji Movie at the Queen’s funeral. Such disrespect.”

Another one added“Have they lost their minds? The Emoji Movie – of all the films – broadcast during the funeral. Is this some kind of joke?”

A third tweeted: “Channel 5 should be ashamed of showing one of the worst films ever at the Queen’s funeral. It just makes me hate it The Emoji Movie even more.”

Others were amused by Channel 5’s choice film.

On Twitter a person said: “Channel 5 said f**k the queen and her funeral. We are watching The Emoji Movie.”

A second commented: “You would have liked The Emoji Movie on Channel 5 during your funeral. You would have loved it. Rest in peace, buddy.”

While a third added: “The Emoji Movie shown on Channel 5 during the Queen’s funeral (which show children’s films instead) – is probably what everyone has been talking about the most The Emoji Movie since 2017.”

It is understood the film paused briefly during the two-minute silence in remembrance of Queen Elizabeth II.

As the day of the Queen’s funeral was declared a public holiday, schools were closed which may have factored into Channel 5’s decision.

A Twitter user Noted“I really don’t understand Channel 5’s criticism for showing The Emoji Movie and Stuart Little at the Queen’s funeral. What else are kids from families that don’t have pay TV/streaming supposed to do, sit around and watch white people in suits look too sad for six hours?”

Maybe the Queen would have hated it, maybe she would have thought Channel 5’s decision was hilarious.

But we bet it kept a few little ones quiet.

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