Tom Cruise movie that just dropped on Netflix faces a lawsuit after tragic accident on set

The producers of a Tom Cruise movie that has just arrived on Netflix have been sued after an incident on set resulted in the deaths of two pilots.

Cruise’s action movie 2017 American made recently hit the streaming service to tell the story of Barry Seal, a pilot who worked to smuggle drugs for the Medellin Cartel in the 1980s.

The film received decent reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, with a score of 85% on the Tomatometer and an Audience Score of 78%, but during the filming of the film, one of the planes used to help capture scenes s crashed to the ground in Colombia.

Pilots Alan Purwin and Carlos Berl were both killed in the September 2015 incident, while a third occupant, Jimmy Lee Garland, was left paralyzed.

Tom Cruise stars as pilot Barry Seal in the 2017 American Made film. Credit: Universal Pictures

In a statement at the time, quoted by People, a spokesperson for Universal said: “A plane carrying crew members crashed while returning to Medellin’s Enrique Olaya Herrera airport after the end of the film’s production. [American Made] causing two deaths. »

Purwin had worked as a stunt pilot on films since the late 1980s and had flown the Aerostar jet earlier the same day to shoot footage for American made. At the end of the day, he sat in the back of the plane as Berl piloted the flight from Santa Fe de Antioquia to Medellin.

The year following the incident, Purwin’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the film’s producers; Imagine Entertainment, Cross Creek Pictures, Vendian Entertainment and Quadrant Pictures.

The family claimed that Berl was not trained to fly the Aerostar and that the companies were negligent in allowing him to do so, Variety reports. Berl’s estate was named as a defendant.

Two pilots died when the plane crashed during production.  Credit: Universal Pictures
Two pilots died when the plane crashed during production. Credit: Universal Pictures

Berl’s family also filed a wrongful death lawsuit which named the production companies as well as the estate of Garland and Purwin as defendants. This lawsuit claimed that Berl was forced to fly the plane despite being warned that he did not have enough experience.

In response, the producers filed a counterclaim against the company and Purwin’s estate, claiming the pilot purchased a faulty plane for the film and overstated his credentials to get him the job.

They also sued Purwin’s company and Garland’s company in Georgia in an attempt to offset liability for the crash.

Purwin’s estate argued the production on American made had been rushed and that the producers had not provided a pilot familiar with the area for the flight to Medellin.

The various disputes finally came to an end in 2019, when the producers reached an agreement to resolve the lawsuits, the terms of which have not been disclosed.

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