TikTok has a major impact on Whitcoulls’ most popular books

TikTok’s influential #BookTok site has provided major New Zealand book retailer Whitcoulls with a whopping 49% more votes from enthusiastic readers, as they announce their list of the 100 Best Books 2022 today, Monday July 25, 2022.

#BookTok’s impact on the list can be seen by the arrival of newcomer Colleen Hoover, who jumps straight into second place with her bestselling book It ends with us. Other titles for “feel the love” are The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo ranked sixth; The Song of Achilles at number 11;
ugly love at number 16; Truth at number 18; and mega bestseller Atomic Habits who sits at number 31.

Whitcoulls book manager Joan Mackenzie said: “#BookTok has boosted both sales and votes to an unprecedented degree, most notable here with over 20% of the list dominated by #BookTok favorites . These include five books by Colleen Hoover. A year ago, she was largely unknown to us, but since being promoted on the social media platform, she has suddenly become one of our best-selling authors.

Always a favorite, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter
Series reclaims the top spot this year and remains in good company with other books in a series. These include books adapted for television and streamed on platforms such as Netflix, including the Favorites Series (#5) which contributed to his popularity with Whitcoulls readers. Other popular books and series at the top of the list are Where the Crawdads sing (#3) which has just been released in cinemas, and The Seven Sisters Series (#4).

The List has 31 new books this year, including 14 by New Zealand authors. They include newcomers Chloe Gong, raised in Auckland and bestselling author of Violent end series (#17); media darling Toni Street with her memoir, FOUND OBJECT
(#27); The gripping memoir of Ruth Shaw, The bookstore at the end of the world (#40); and linguist and educator Keri Opai’s Tikanga: An introduction to Te Ao Maori (#56).

There has also been an upsurge in votes for classic books, contemporary classics, spiritual and personal development titles, perhaps reflecting COVID reading habits. Some of the most popular include Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice (#9); by Markus Zusak
The book thief (#ten); by Harper Lee Kill a mockingbird (#14); and The Bible

“A lot of people rediscovered the joy of reading during the multiple lockdowns, and part of that seems to include catching up on old classics on their reading bucket lists,” Mackenzie says. She was personally delighted to see the memoirs of the legendary Miriam Margolyes, this is true (#76) voted in the List, which Mackenzie says is extraordinary.

Whitcoulls says reading is more popular than ever, and quality local and international publishing is heartfelt. They hope their list will continue to inspire more people to read.

Whitcoulls has been asking Kiwi readers to vote for their favorite books for nearly 30 years and their annual list provides a barometer of reading tastes and trends. Whitcoulls will proudly showcase the country’s favorite books in-store and online at www.whitcoulls.co.nz.

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