Things That Happen In Every Kingsman Movie


If there’s one credo that Kingsman service members seem to live by, it’s to always appear polite and well-mannered in front of friends, foes, and everyone else. This proves especially difficult for Eggsy in the first film, as he grew up in a much coarser environment and was used to swearing like a sailor.

His mentor, Harry Hart (Colin Firth), showed Eggsy that a man can be polite and still energetic. Before confronting a group of bar flies who played with Eggsy in the first film, Harry remarks, “Manners make the man”, before starting to tar the entire group. This impresses Eggsy enough to compel him to join the Kingsman under Harry’s personal tutelage.

In the second film, Harry says, “Manners make the man”, before another brawl in a bar as an encore to the first film, although this time the brawl did not end in his favor. In the previous film, the audience discovers that “Manners make a man” was a phrase spoken by the villainous Captain Morton (Matthew Goode) to the main character Orlando Oxford (Ralph Fiennes). Orlando then decided to make the line a founding principle of the Kingsman company that he would one day create.

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