The X Movie Killer Backstory Explained

Ti West’s X features one of the scariest slasher movie killers in years, but how did Pearl become the greedy monster attacking RJ and his crew?

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Ti West’s X.

Ti West’s X features a terrifying killer with decidedly human motivations, but what is Pearl’s story and origins? First released domestically on March 18, 2022, Ti West’s “erotic horrorX opened to rave reviews from the horror community, with critics noting Xthe desire to return to a well-honed slasher formula that acts firmly as a poignant tribute to classics such as John Carpenter Halloween and Tobe Hooper The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Despite the finality of his ending, director Ti West has already announced a X suite titled pearl is in post-production, having been simultaneously filmed in secret alongside X.


X follows a budding young film crew as they arrive at a remote Texas farmhouse to shoot a pornographic film in the late 1970s, which idealistic director RJ (Owen Campbell) predicts will be “a piece of cinema.Blinded by their ambitions to get rich quick on a booming home video porn industry, the young band is largely unaware of a coveted presence on the nearby farm in the form of Pearl (Mia Goth). at night, Pearl’s lustful intent turns violent, with RJ and his crew forced to deal with the horror of Pearl’s suppressed emotions.

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between the events of X and Ti West pearl prequel trailer shown in its post-credits (for North American audiences only), XPearl’s titular killer is a terrifying proposition. Ti West’s X prequel pearl, which focuses on the origins of this fascinating, human antagonist, is about to delve deeper into the warped psyche of this green-eyed character. Accordingly, here is the X movie killer backstory explained, including what can be gleaned from the pearl movie trailer.

How old is Pearl In X?

Mia Goth as Pearl in movie X

Ti West’s X casts Pearl as a macabre portrait of graceless aging, with Pearl coveting the youth of the promiscuous group that arrives at the farm. Face shriveled with jealousy, Pearl first appears unable to take care of herself in front of the X the characters in the film realize, to their horror, that she is able to quickly dispatch them one by one. This juxtaposition between Pearl’s appearance and her animated actions makes it difficult to determine how she actually is in X – with audiences who need the context provided by pearl to find out his age. In this way, pearlThe preview trailer shows a teenage version of Pearl growing up against the backdrop of the final year of World War II in 1918. Given X takes place in 1979, and Pearl is about sixteen years old in the pearl prequel, we can deduce that his character is around 77 years old in X.

Why and when Pearl started killing

Pearl inspects Wayne's corpse in X

While her husband Howard (The Lord of the Rings The Trilogy’s Stephen Ure) initially states that Pearl’s craving for the hedonistic porn crew lifestyle is what arouses her bloodlust, this becomes clear through Xand the execution time of pearl trailer that Pearl was a killer long before the events of the film. Pearl’s murder apparently dates back to her childhood, with the pearl post-credits trailer showing the titular character hacking and slashing several off-screen characters in fits of rage. Pearl’s actions throughout X it is increasingly clear that she is driven by jealousy rather than anger at her lack of sex, with Pearl lusting after and subsequently killing RJ’s crew out of envy for their youth. These motivations are substantiated in the post-credits pearl trailer, which shows a young Pearl staring longingly at photographs of other people before the teaser cuts to quick shots of her hacking unknown characters. Thus, Pearl has always killed out of jealousy, but the source of her jealousy changes from her original motivations to pearl rediscover his youth X – which portrays her as a more tragic figure as a result.

How did Pearl meet Howard?

Howard is about as devoted a husband as one is likely to find in X, helping Pearl cover up his murders and staunchly supporting his wife despite her heinous actions. the X prequel pearl looks set to shed some light on Pearl and Howard’s early dating years, with a shot in the trailer showing a young Howard returning from the war in his military uniform. This suggests that Pearl met Howard at the end of World War I in 1918, although the details of their first meeting and subsequent romance have yet to be fully revealed by director Ti West.

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How Pearl became the owner of the farm in X

mia goth as young pearl in x pearl prequel

By Bloody disgusting, pearl promises to explore how the farm and the land where the “massacre of x” takes place was formerly used as a boarding house during the war. pearlThe trailer for already sheds additional light on how Pearl became the owner of such a large farm at a young age, with pearl‘s preview showing the titular character threatening to push his incapacitated mother into a lake. This heartbreaking clip appears to allude to Pearl actually feeding her mother to the Bobby-Lynne-style alligator death in Xprobably attributing his mother’s murder to a member of the boarding house to gain control of his family’s rural estate.

Pearl’s religious beliefs and their impact on X Movie

Pearl sleeps with Maxine in X

A common theme woven into XThe narrative of is religion, with several of the film’s characters tied to Christianity and overt biblicisms. Maxine (also played by Mia Goth in X) is revealed to be the daughter of the televangelist preacher playing on farm televisions, which acts as an additional link between her character and Pearl, who was “exactly like Maxinein his youth, while Pearl and Howard themselves are portrayed as God-fearing Christians despite their murderous inclinations. pearl The trailer highlights Pearl’s warped understanding of religion mixed with her desire to kill, with Maxine claiming that “I won’t accept a life I don’t deserve(a sentiment taken from the verses of Mark 10:15 in the Bible) acting as a mirror of Pearl’s self-centered approach to desire and sin. Director Ti West goes to great lengths to ensuring that the characters of Pearl and Maxine share a relevant sense of duality, and Pearl’s religious beliefs being unknowingly echoed by porn star Maxine (a preacher’s daughter) is a powerful bond between the two.

What We Know About Pearl’s Prequel Movie Story

X's After-Credits Scene Explained, Pearl's Trailer, and the Prequel's Story

pearlThe trailer teases several great storylines for the slasher character’s prequel despite its short one-minute runtime at the end of X. Chief among these is naturally Pearl’s transition from a carefree young girl to psychopathy, with the pearl trailer initially indicating that Pearl is happy before a series of grotesque murders appear on screen (although the reason behind them remains unclear for now). pearlThe first trailer of also gives X the audience gets a glimpse of how Pearl and Howard came to own their farm and property, with Pearl likely inheriting it after feeding her mother the alligator in the farm’s lake. Director Ti West also alluded to the importance of “Guesthouseto some extent, which could give a young Pearl a steady stream of casualties to access in a post-war climate. Finally, pearlThe trailer confirms that the prequel will detail how Howard and Pearl met and explore the twisted relationship that led them to become the vicious killers that RJ and company unwittingly collided with. X.

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