The Vampire-Hunting Clone of Jesus Returns in a Loaded New Bible Story

Image Comics unveils a brand new sequel series to Loaded Bible with Blood of my Blood, a story that will pit a clone of Jesus Christ against Dracula!

In an announcement that is sure to turn some heads, Picture Comics revealed a first glimpse of Bible loaded: the blood of my blood, an upcoming miniseries featuring a clone of Jesus Christ facing a massive vampiric threat. In the continuation of loaded bible series, the test tube Messiah is tasked with tracking down and destroying a clone version of Dracula, setting the stage for a fight that will undoubtedly have to be seen to be believed.

the original loaded bible The comic began publication in 2006 and came from writer Tim Seely and artists Mike Norton, Mark Englert and Nate Bellegarde. The story takes place in the near future where the Earth has been decimated by a nuclear holy war and where the last refuge of humanity is the new protected Vatican City. After the vampires attack the city, the Church has only one hero who can save them; a clone of Jesus Christ. More than a decade has passed since the last issue of loaded bible has been released, but that just gives the creative team time to come up with an even more intriguing plot for a sequel.


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In an Image press release, Bible loaded: the blood of my blood was announced coming from original writer Tim Seely who is joined in this new chapter by fellow writer Steve Orlando and artist Giuseppe Cafaro. The six-issue miniseries is produced by Arancia Studios, which has also worked on Image publications such as Deep beyond and Commanders in crisis. With the release, the cover of the first issue of Bible loaded: the blood of my blood was revealed, showing the Jesus clone trapped in a fight with a certain undead monster.

Jesus Christ Charged Bible Image Cartoon Cover

The statement also reveals Blood of my blood is defined “decades after the events of the original cult seriesand mentions that the stakes for the cloned Jesus are higher than ever now that “the church has made a deal with the vampire nations to unite under their resurrected savior – Dracula!“While the existence of the series may be controversial to some, creator Tim Seely seems confident in the allegorical nature of the series saying, “You have a beautiful modern take on the saga of a cloned messiah and the church that bent his teachings to their will.“Fellow writer Steve Orlando agrees, calling the series “a celebration of a lonely protector at the end of the world, who risks his life every day to defend love, uphold compassion, and crush hypocrisy and cruelty wherever it hides.”

Despite the plot’s sensitive nature, the creative team seems thrilled to craft a tale that brings the two well-known characters together in an epic battle that can also serve as a commentary on the state of religion in the modern world. Bible loaded: the blood of my blood from Picture Comics will be available to purchase most correctly on Ash Wednesday, March 2, 2022.

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