The two books that changed my life

The two books that changed my life – the Bible and “Science and Health with the Key to the Scriptures” from Mary baker eddy – came to my attention a decade ago when I was dealing with physical and emotional challenges that started early in life.

As a child, I attended a parish school in Uruguay. I was very introverted, which created problems for me with my classmates and teachers. As a teenager, I found that my social and emotional issues inhibited my progress as a student and created difficulties in my interactions with others.

The general frustration led to anger towards everyone I knew. That’s when my stomach ulcers and gastritis problems started. At the same time, my father, who was the breadwinner, fell ill and could no longer work. It was decided that I should go to work.

I wanted to make my dreams come true, including that of becoming a professional footballer. The bitterness of not being able to fulfill my hopes and dreams increased my resentment and I developed additional health problems.

Then, in my late twenties, I met a woman of deep faith who later became my wife. She began to talk to me about spiritual matters and prayer from the perspective of her faith. What she said marked me deeply, but my health problems persisted. I had accepted that my situation was desperate.

In my mid-forties, I had to enter an intensive treatment center due to my poor physical and mental condition. I thought I had come to the end of my life. Gradually, with my wife’s support, I started to improve and my physical ailments began to heal. “I will restore your health, and I will heal you of your wounds, saith the Lord” (Jeremiah 30:17).

A few months after I returned to work, I was fired after 24 years of service. However, my perspective on life had totally changed and I had started to see things from a more spiritual perspective. I loved to read and pray – things that were previously unknown to me.

It was then that I felt guided to read the Bible; I read it every free moment. But when I finished reading, I still had a lot of unanswered questions about life. I thought, “What now? “

Some time before, my wife had gone to a street fair and bought a copy of Science and Health. She bought the book, thinking that reading it would do me good, but not knowing what it was. The book sat on our shelf for a while. But when I opened it, I began to find the answers to all the questions I had that no one had been able to answer.

Reading Science and Health, the book I later learned was the Christian Science manual, opened up the Bible to me and broadened my understanding of God as good and of my relationship with God. I learned that I was not a desperate mortal, but spiritual and eternal, the reflection of God who cannot sink into turmoil or disease.

When I finished reading the book cover to cover, I wanted to know more about the author and his other writings, and his discovery, Christian Science. I was able to contact the nearest Church of Christ, Scientist, and during my visit I was given other Christian Science publications. The members greeted me very kindly and invited me to attend their services, which I did without hesitation.

The Bible and Science and Health completely changed my life, reforming me morally and healing me physically. The feelings of anger and resentment disappeared, and instead I felt compassion and forgiveness, as these two books teach. I found a new job and a new goal. I realized that when the mind is centered on God, it is better transparency for Divine Truth, the healer of mind and body.

Eventually I took a two week course called Primary school teaching of Christian Science, which teaches the science of Christianity and how to practice it. More recently, I took a course in Christian Science Nurse, showing Christian Scientists how to actually care for the sick.

I am grateful for everything I continue to learn from my study of the Bible and the Christian Science textbook. Thanks to them, I am a new man.

Adapted from an article published in the November 2020 issue of The herald of Christian science, Spanish edition.

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