The sports world reacts to the film about the development of Skip Bayless

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  • A movie about being married to Skip Bayless is in development, says his wife Ernestine Sclafani.
  • It will be based on his 2019 book Balls: How to keep your relationship alive when living with a sports-obsessed man.
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Thursday, the The Skip Bayless Show, the Fox Sports talking head had his wife Ernestine Sclafani on the show for a little Q&A.

Among the topics discussed were how much she loves LeBron James (“I love LeBron, I’m sorry. I’ll admit it.”) and the fact that there is a movie in development based on the fact to be married to the host of Undisputed.

That’s right. Skip Bayless is shooting a movie about him.

The film will be based on a 2019 film written by Bayless’ wife, Ernestine, titled Balls: How to keep your relationship alive when living with a sports-obsessed man.

The book is “a two-way title because it’s about ball games and also about testosterone spreading throughout our household,” Skip informed his audience of viewers and listeners in case there was one in a million chance they don’t get it. theirs.

Literally about an hour later, Ernestine broke the explosive news.

A film about the wedding with Skip Bayless is in the works

“By the way, according to our book, it’s going to be movie of the week at some point,” Ernestine revealed. “Right? I told you they were making it a movie of the week on GAC.

GAC Family used to be a channel called Great American Country, for strangers.

“Is it happening?” Skip then asked Ernestine, to which she replied, “It will happen, it will happen. Fingers crossed, but that’s the word right now… So hopefully everyone needs to cross your fingers, right now it’s legal.

Oh, our fingers are definitely crossed for this movie to come to fruition.

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