The One Movie Adele Told Jennifer Lawrence Not To Do (And Should Have Listened To)


Jennifer Lawrence regrets not taking the advice of Adele, who didn’t like the idea of ​​Passengers and told Lawrence not to play it.

In his interview with The New York Times, Jennifer Lawrence spoke about her career and the reasons for her two-year hiatus. The actress mentioned one movie in particular among career failures that made her step back and rethink her choices. It’s Passengers, a 2016 film that received a chilling reception from critics with a 30% Rotten Tomatoes score.

Lawrence said she felt the film worried her fan base about her career. The actress described how disappointing it was when she realized her fans had come to see her new film but weren’t happy with it.

This added to the feeling that “everyone had had enough” of her and her acting, so the actress decided to take a break, which thankfully ended with Don’t Look Up.

Passengers is a space movie telling the story of Jim Preston, who wakes up from a hypersleep on the interstellar spacecraft 90 years before he was supposed to. Jim can’t get back to sleep, so he’s left totally alone on a spaceship full of sleeping people. After a year of such a life, Jim decides to wake up another passenger, a beautiful woman, Aurora Lane, and make him look like another malfunction.

At first, the couple find themselves in a biblical situation and come together naturally. But later, Aurora finds out that Jim intentionally woke her up, dooming her to die of old age away from others, and goes really mad. Then the spaceship begins to malfunction for real, so Jim has to sacrifice himself to save the other passengers. However, Aurora manages to save him, forgives him, and they spend the rest of their lives living happily ever after alone on the spaceship.

Now, this movie may have been a turning point for Lawrence, but fans don’t think it was all that awful. The majority of viewers find the film’s main issues to be its predictability and execution, not the cast or the acting. If the editing were different, the film could become one of the best of Lawrence’s career.

“They definitely should have filmed this from his point of view, slowly realizing he woke her up on purpose and condemned her to be on the ship for the rest of her life. Then get him killed saving the ship and end with her facing the decision to choose someone else to wake up to or live alone for the rest of her life,” Reddit user Goofy_The_Baker launched and reviewers agreed it would make for an impressive space story.

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