The Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books of 2022 presents All About Love: Poems from Mixed Experience


Jane C.

How many poems can you make from all your past love experiences?

Poet sits down with readers young and old to reminisce about his love experiences over 60 long years.

—Joan Bonnell Clark

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 7, 2022 / — Former college professor Joan Bonnel Clark releases her new book, All About Love: Poems from Mixed Experience, where humor and hard-earned wisdom are found on every page. The subjects and events detailed in the book are drawn from Joan’s personal and most intimate experiences with different types of love.

Joan’s subjects are relatable situations and events in her life. All of the poems found in the book, whether rhymed or not, are not academic in nature, but purely to entertain and give readers insight into how others perceive different types of love. The book contains exciting and memorable lines, which will thrill the hearts of readers. Joan’s literary plays teach us that although love has a hint of bitterness and a bit of regret, these emotions will pull us out of our pedestrian lives.

All About Love: Poems from Mixed Experience differs from Joan’s previous book, Glimpses of God, the latter being composed entirely of Bible verses and religious anecdotes. This time, Joan takes a completely different route and writes her most personal and intimate book to date. The characters covered in the book will remain a mystery until a metaphorical shoe fits them.

Joan has been writing for over sixty years. She has weathered several marriages and has since raised her four children in and around her professional accomplishments – a truly remarkable feat. Joan is definitely a risk taker as she dares to share some of her personal experiences in her later years in hopes that everyone can sympathize with her. All About Love: Poems of Mixed Experiences

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