The first GameStop Stock Fiasco movie trailer is here

The trailer for one of many films telling the story of 2021’s short GameStop squeeze that led to a group of hedge funds losing their foolproof plan to short their stocks and thus owe billions of dollars to banks.

This is of course huge news for men who have Leonardo diCaprio posters in the wolf of Wall Street on their ceilings. If these events slipped your mind, I wouldn’t blame you, because it was as if this winding story grew and grew like an uncontrollable vine, and eventually the United States government entered the ring to figure out how this could have everything happened.

Capitalism is the short answer. The long answer is that a group of hedge funds gloated online that they might short their GameStop shares as their value declined due to the pandemic’s effect on brick-and-mortar businesses. WallStreetBets, a subreddit that does exactly what it says on the box, spotted it and bought as much GameStop stock as possible. The value jumped, shattering the intentions of hedge funds and forcing them to shell out millions, if not billions, to buy back their shares to avoid bankruptcy.

Title GameStop: Climb up to the playersI let the trailer do the rest of the talking:

The major problem with WallStreetBets impacting the stock market is that no one is allowed to do this. Aside from Wall Street itself. “American workers have known for years that the Wall Street system is broken – they are paying the price,” noted Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown at the time. Alternatively, the Securities and Exchange Commission pledged to “act to protect retail investors when the facts demonstrate abusive or manipulative business activity prohibited by federal securities laws” and to “protect investors and identify and prosecute potential wrongdoing”.

Directed by Jonas Tulis, GameStop: Climb up to the players hits theaters on January 28. Netflix is ​​also working on an adaptation of These Events starring Noah Centineo and written by Mark Boal, and an adaptation of Ben Mezrich’s book proposal. The Anti-Social Network comes from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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