The director of Netflix’s number one movie doesn’t know how he got there

Netflix’s new number one movie has risen to the top so quickly that its director is baffled by its success.

New movie Interceptor was only released at the end of May, but has already gone straight to the top of the charts on Netflix.

Director Matthew Reilly was “blown away” by its success after the film was released on Netflix on May 26. In an interview with Variety, he said, “I was hoping to sneak into the top 10 on Netflix, but get to number one everywhere? I don’t think anyone expected it to take the world by storm. . I’m just as confused as everyone.”

Interceptor follows the story of a US Army Captain JJ Collins, played by Elsa Pataky, who is the last person standing at a remote missile defense base. It is waging a war against domestic terrorists in cahoots with the Russians who are targeting the United States with 16 stolen nuclear weapons.

Netflix’s new hit Interceptor stars Elsa Pataky. Credit: Netflix

Discussing how he arrived at success, director Reilly explained how he co-wrote it with his friend Stuart Beattie: “I’ve been writing fast-paced action novels for 25 years. He’s very well known that I’ve sold all to studios in Hollywood but they’re too big They’re 120-150 million dollar movies I’ve always wanted to direct so Interceptor was designed to be filmed inexpensively in one location. But what I would do is give it that energy, that enthusiasm, that crazy pace.

While the film topped the charts on Netflix, it left viewers with mixed reactions. Some are full of praise for the fast-paced action flick, while others claim it’s a “waste of time.”

The film rose to the top of the charts on Netflix, but it also garnered hate on social media.  Credit: Netflix
The film rose to the top of the charts on Netflix, but it also garnered hate on social media. Credit: Netflix

One fan wrote: “You don’t have to watch Interceptor on Netflix. I’m trying to save you time here.”

“I couldn’t finish Interceptor on Netflix. Sorry but that was so bad,” said another.

A third tweeted: “Interceptor on Netflix has to be the worst movie I’ve ever seen.”

A fourth added: “Halfway Interceptor on Netflix. Man, this is something terrible. I can’t wait to keep watching!”

However, Reilly said he was aware the film had been met with hate on social media, but that did not justify the abuse he was receiving: “If you don’t like my film, say you don’t like my film. don’t like my movie. I don’t. But somewhere in the last few years we’ve come to this extreme low and people saying, ‘I don’t like your movie, therefore I hate you, therefore, you should die of a painful and miserable death and never making movies again.’.”

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