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When it’s late at night and you’re browsing streaming services, desperate for something to watch, you can only call one person: a family member or a movie buff friend. Maybe they’re an expert at fast-paced action flicks or bloody slashers. Maybe they have the perfect comedy in mind that will make you laugh so hard your sides hurt. Regardless of their type of movie buff, they deserve a gift to celebrate their favorite hobby. And the sooner you find one, the less likely you are to grab a last-minute gift idea.

At first, the idea of ​​giving a gift to someone who loves cinema may seem daunting, but you will quickly realize that it is manner easier than it looks. When a friend has a dedicated hobby, they worry less about what they won’t like. Instead, you can focus on what you know they’ll like.

We’ve got a solid list of gifts for every type of movie buff, whether they’re die-hard Marvel fans or obscure indie film experts. We are in an unprecedented era, where people can watch movies both in person and on demand in their own homes, opening the market for all kinds of accessories, decorations and other gifts for people who want to. can’t get enough of the silver screen.

In addition, these gifts are unique and creative. There are simple ideas like a movie theater gift card, but there are also unexpected and exciting ideas like tarot cards. Seriously, we have a freebie in this list for everyone. For a birthday, vacation, or any other day of the year, these are gifts for the movie buff in your life.

100 Film Scratch Poster

For the friend who wants to watch all the classics, gift them a scratch poster featuring 100 of the best movies of all time. With westerns, musicals, comedies and more, there are hours of entertainment for any moviegoer.

Urban Accents Gourmet Popcorn Seasoning

Movies and popcorn go together like cookies and milk. For the holidays, treat someone who enjoys sitting for hours in front of a classic cinema with the perfect snack.

Cinephile: a card game

Your friend says he’s a real movie geek, but does he really? Test their knowledge with this fun card game. See if you’re more of a movie buff than them.

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Shadow Box Ticket

There is nothing quite like the first time you see a blockbuster in the cinema. Let the movie buff in your life keep a memory of their favorite theater outings with this unique gift idea.

Kelty Hoodligan Convertible Blanket

For anyone who enjoys streaming movies from home, give them this convertible blanket that they can wear as a trendy cape.

Weighted blanket – 20 lbs.

Even if they’re watching a scary horror movie, keep friends and family safe and comfortable with a weighted blanket.

Popcorn Popper in the microwave with handles

It’s far too easy to burn your fingers on a bag of popcorn that’s fresh out of the microwave. Say goodbye to hot butter that stings your hands with this ingenious popcorn holder with handles.

Binging Cookbook with Babish

For moviegoers who also love to cook, the YouTube channel Binging with Babish has a cookbook about the movies and TV shows people love, and the recipes that looked so good on screen you wished you could eat them yourself. Your friend or family member might love their gift so much, you might even get a plate of ratatouille on your doorstep to thank you.

Blockbuster sign office ornament

Before nearly every movie was available at the push of a button, we had the iconic Blockbuster rental store. For anyone who still longs for the days of rewinding the VHS tape for the next customer, treat them to a decoration to remember the good old days.

Accidentally Wes Anderson

If you know someone who is a nerd for the cinematography and directing style of Wes Anderson, they will appreciate the weird and wonderful book based on the popular Instagram account inspired by the director’s films.

The bad bible from the movie

This one is for the person who has seen Bedroom a shocking number of times. With this book, they will have more questionable films to cite endlessly.

Gift box pint and stemless wine glass godfather gift

This one’s for your favorite moviegoer couple (even better if they’re actually godparents), treat them to a pint and glass of wine they’ll treasure every time they turn on the TV.

Filler poster for ultimate moviegoers

With 1,500 movies, your friend will always have something to watch. For each genre, there is a list of classic movies to keep a moviegoer busy for a long time. And once they watch it, they can rate it right on the poster.

A24 Copper Half Snap Fleece

May their favorite movie be Lady Bird Where The green knight, give your A24 obsessed friend some merchandise to show his love for the production company.

The art of Mondo

The famous art gallery and online store known for its pop culture art has a book devoted to some of his best work. including art based on Jaws, Guardians of the Galaxy and Star wars, these prints are so cool you’ll want a copy for yourself.

Industrial tripod floor lamp

Bring lights, a camera, and some action home with someone with this little tripod table lamp. They can still be the main actor in their own home.

Tarot Movie: A Hero’s Journey in 78 Cards

For anyone who enjoys tarot cards and the movies, these cards will combine their two unique interests in one deck of cards. Featuring characters from movies like Kill bill and Forrest Gump, the cards each feature a character that represents an archetype for anyone wishing to read with these thematic cards.

Cinemaps: an atlas of 35 great films

For films where location is essential, Cinemas is a fun gift for a movie buff who loves The princess to marry, The Brilliant, King Kong, and more. These detailed maps show exactly where the films’ main moments take place in their fictional worlds.

Yoenyy Cinema Cinema

Help someone decorate their house with movie themed pillows. every time you sit down to watch TV with them, there is no doubt that you are watching a movie.

Zmart Movie Socks Popcorn Socks

Socks are a simple gift for a movie buff that they’ll use over and over again. Best of all, they’re adorned with little popcorn and movie tickets.

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Venom

Marvel fans can relive their favorite movies with fun LEGO sets, like this one for Venom. And once they are done, it will serve as a beautiful decoration and an example of time well spent.

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Don’t get stabbed! : the board game

Horror movie lovers know what it takes to be the last one standing. This fast paced board game features one person as a killer and the rest of the players as hapless victims trying to escape. Get this deck of cards for your friends and find out who you want with you if Michael Myers ever visits your city.

Psycho (original soundtrack of the film)

If your friend or family member likes the mind-blowing and suspenseful sounds of good horror movie music, you can get the psychopath original soundtrack on CD or vinyl, depending on their preference.

Gone with the Gin: cocktails with a Hollywood twist

With Gone With The Gin, moviegoers can combine classic movies with an exclusive cocktail party and enhance the movie nights they host.

Redbox Movie Night Care Package

Watching a movie at home is not exactly the same as watching a movie, especially when there are no concessions. A perfect gift for a movie buff is a care wrap of classic theater snacks and popcorn to go with the movie of their choice.

Chefman 4L portable mini fridge

Don’t let your friend go hungry during his Star wars marathon. This mini-fridge not only cools, but with the flip of a switch, everything you store inside is warmed up. It is large enough to hold six 12 oz cans.

Hollywood Letters

What better gift than to share secrets about Hollywood’s biggest stars? This collection combines the papers of various actors and celebrities to provide insight into their inner lives.

May the Moss be with you Mug

Star wars fans can show their love for the famous franchise with a themed mug. Drink your coffee and know that the strength (and the foam) is with you.

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AMC Theater Gift Card $ 25

A movie buff will always appreciate the chance to go to the theater. An easy last minute gift idea for a movie buff can be a gift card for their local venue.

Casual Home 24 “Director’s Chair

Let them feel like they’re about to make their cinematic masterpiece with their very own director chair. It’s also easy to fold up for travel, in case your movie buff wants it on the go. In case, you know, they’d end up on a movie set someday.

Film production set

For people who like to show off their hobbies and interests with trendy pins, get them movie themed pins. Cameras, mics, and lights can cover their favorite jacket or backpack.

The cinema quiz book

Test your family members’ knowledge of popular movies with this quiz book. Better yet, organize an evening of family games on the collective intelligence of each in terms of cinema. It is a unique gift that your family will not expect.

Inflatable film projection screen

Enjoy a home theater experience with this 20ft high projection screen. From the comfort of your own backyard, you can host a screening that the neighbors will ask to join in.

Movie poster print

For someone who wants a movie poster with a little extra pizzazz, these Etsy prints take popular movies, including pulp Fiction and Inglorious Basterds and provide a color palette and brief description of the film.

Cinema light box

Bring some home cinema with this light box, complete with letters and symbols. Your friend or family member can show off their movie of the week to anyone who stops by.

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