Stolen books worth $ 2,000 returned to charity


Fortunately, a treasured set of first editions of The Lord of the Rings trilogy of books have been returned anonymously to the charity store from which they were stolen following a public appeal.

The set is worth around $ 2,000 and was stolen from a locked cabinet at St. Richard’s Hospice in Worcester, UK on December 19. “That this is happening less than a week before Christmas, and during a difficult time for all in the charitable sector, is particularly upsetting,” said Dan Corns, business director of St Richard’s Hospice, in an interview with the BBC. The trilogy contained the text of the first edition of the Beloved Phantasm which came out in 1954, but the books themselves were published in 1957, making it an exceptionally rare find. The price of the product would also have gone to support adults with progressive diseases. The theft therefore doubled.

Here is the trailer of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, an upcoming and unique version of the complicated character where players must navigate between the two sides of his personality.

So it’s good news that whoever took them chose to return the trilogy to the Charity Shop this week. “Obviously someone thought about it and, by their conscience, decided that maybe they hadn’t done the right thing,” Corn told The temperature. “While saddened by the theft of these beautiful and precious books, we have been comforted by the response from others sharing our story and wanting the items returned to us.” And, icing on the cake, the trilogy was bought today by Martin Clark, the Lord of the Rings mega fan. All’s well that ends well, eh?

Following the thread of “previously unexplored stories” in the world of Middle-earth, the series (in preparation with Amazon Studios) has moved production from New Zealand to the UK for the second series. We won’t see many familiar faces, as the story takes place in the Second Age, thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Regardless, it has been reported that Isildur will be played by Maxim Baldry. Details are understandably under wraps at the moment, and the adaptation is slated to air on Prime Video on September 22.

Still, it hasn’t been smooth for the show. Among the stuntmen who worked on the project, one suffered a severe concussion and had to undergo emergency surgery to treat an aneurysm. Another suffered a rotator cuff injury from a backflip that went awry as a result of industry standard practices that were omitted from stunt preparation. “Amazon Studios takes the health, physical and emotional well-being of our cast and crew very seriously,” a spokesperson said after the allegations emerged. “As a top priority, the production team continues to be in full compliance with government regulations for WorkSafe NZ Safety and Security. Any claim or report that activities on the set are dangerous or outside the regulations are completely inaccurate. “

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