Stephen Graham’s film was shot in one shot

Stephen Graham’s new movie Boiling point just released and viewers are shocked to learn that it was shot in one shot. You can watch the trailer below:

the This is england star plays a chef pushed to his limits as he works the last Friday before Christmas, the busiest night of the year.

Graham’s central figure is already struggling with debt, drug addiction and an exploding personal life when health and safety departments show up unexpectedly for an inspection.

While movies like 1917 look like a single take but disguise cuts with a smart camera, Boiling point was actually filmed as an uninterrupted shot.

Credit: Vertigo Releasing

The film was shot just days before the first nationwide lockdown in 2020, with Graham co-star Ray Panthaki saying shooting the entire movie in one take added an extra level of pressure to the shoot.

He explained, “Stephen takes the whole weight of the movie on his shoulders. And he was completely on it throughout.

“There would be times when the camera would be outside of me and I would feel like I was looking through my pieces of paper and thinking, ‘Where am I next? Where am I next? What’s my next move? Where am I going?’ and Stephen was like, “Ray, you’re over there.”

“He has an incredible awareness of everything that is going on. “

Credit: Vertigo Releasing
Credit: Vertigo Releasing

Viewers are now reacting to the film, and more particularly to the fact that it was shot in one take, with one handwriting: “Stephen Graham and the rest of the cast and crew in Boiling point like wow, amazing and shot in one take too! “

Posting a review on IMDb another wrote: “I’ve never seen anything like it. Stephen Graham is as reliable as ever, but the whole cast is amazing.”

They added, “I’m not sure I even caught my breath because of the intensity of it all. And don’t even get me started on the fact that this was done in ONE TAKE !! Remarkable Movie Making !! . “

A third said: “If you have the chance to watch Boiling point, Thanks. I didn’t know anything other than “Stephen Graham plays a chef”.

“It’s a shot, a take and it’s done so well. Some stellar performances too. Best of all, it feels real, dialogue, relationships. Class.”

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