South Carolina’s local Republican Party wants LGBTQ books banned from the children’s section of the library

At least five books are specifically named, including It was the night before pride, My shadow is purple, The Rainbow Parade, I am not a girland My Way: Celebrating Gender.

Additionally, the resolution noted the party’s stance to “strongly denounce any sexual indoctrination of children in government-funded schools and libraries.”

The request comes after the party’s executive committee unanimously passed a resolution on September 12 calling on the county council to take up the matter.

According Post and courierCounty Councilman Joe Dill said he will introduce the resolution soon, after county staff put it in the proper language and format used for county binding resolutions. However, the outlet noted that the topic was not on the September 20 council agenda at this time.

Susan Ward, president of PFLAG GVL, an LGBTQ family and allies support group, said Post and courier she was ‘appalled’ that GCGOP members think they should decide which books are available for children at the library.

“I trust our highly trained librarians who are passionate about books and who understand how reading broadens our horizons and helps children grow into whole adults,” Ward said. “Removing books from libraries that mention the existence of LGBTQIA+ individuals and families does not make us disappear.”

Banning books that discuss LGBTQ identity is nothing new in South Carolina. Last year, Governor Henry McMaster urged his Department of Education to remove Gender Queer: A Memoir, a book on gender identity, pulled off the school shelves, calling it “obscene and pornographic”, BNC News reported.

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