‘Sonic Adventure’ Crush 40 Band Could Be Third Sonic Movie Soundtrack


If you didn’t know, sonic the hedgehog 2 recently became the most successful video game adaptation of all time, and with good reason.

Granted, video game adaptations are notorious for being disastrous so sonic the hedgehog 2 didn’t have a ton of competition, but it’s a solid achievement regardless. As such, it will come as no surprise that a third Sonic movie is on the way and we recently learned that Sonic Adventure the Crush 40 group would be open to the film’s soundtrack.

If you missed it, check out our interview with Jim Carrey who portrayed Dr. Robotnik in sonic the hedgehog 2.

Sonic Adventure debuted on SEGA’s Dreamcast back in 1998 and if you haven’t experienced this legendary little platformer yet, you definitely should. On the one hand, the soundtrack is shattering. ‘Open Your Heart’ didn’t need to slam so hard but it’s thanks to the genius of Johnny Gioeli and Jun Senoue.

We recently caught up with Crush 40 to talk all things Sonic, and it turns out the duo are 100% ready to create the soundtrack for a third Sonic movie should the opportunity arise.

“Absolutely a million percent yes. I contacted them, we had a few conversations,” Gioeli told us. “I’ll be ready for this, I’ll just tell you like this.” We want to write a lot of songs, but of course we still have our nostalgic stuff. That means we want to write a bunch of songs, of course we have our nostalgic stuff but we also want to bring in some fresh new stuff, should that happen for Sonic 3.”

It looks like Crush 40 is open to both writing new music and bringing their old tracks back to the table. Hear me, ‘Live and Learn’ playing during the climax of a third Sonic film… cinematic perfection, the chef’s kiss.

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