‘Sleeping Dogs’ Creator Would ‘Like To See Him Return’, Says Film Adaptation

The lead gameplay designer of the highly rated (by those who played) open-world adventure game of 2012 sleeping dogs said he’d love to see a sequel come out – even if he can’t be personally involved in creating it.

Steven Ferreira, who is currently the Game Director of Apex Legends at Respawn Entertainment, told us that sleeping dogs “holds a special place in my heart”. He added, “I put a lot of my passion into this game. In fact, I have this right here…” And then he pulled out, from his desk, a very fanciful edition of sleeping dogsalmost as if he knew we would ask him about it.

Remember how awesome Sleeping Dogs is/was by watching the trailer below

“I would love to see that come back,” he continued. “He has a lot of traits similar to Mountain peak, in that we put a lot of effort into making this game what we wanted it to be, as developers, and it has a very authentic feel. That’s why it touched people. And you know, if there was a different business model around this game, I think you would have seen a different one.

Developed by United Front Games and published by Square Enix, sleeping dogs Cast the player as undercover cop Wei Shen (played by Will Yun Lee) who infiltrates Hong Kong’s triad organizations. Set in an open-world version of real-life Hong Kong, specifically Hong Kong Island, the game received positive critical reception, with good reviews on its launch platforms PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and pc. A “definitive edition” of the game followed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2014, and a Mac version appeared in 2016.

But despite good reviews and a warm response from gamers, sleeping dogs was judged to have sold poorly by its publisher, underperforming expectations. Plans for a sequel began to take shape in 2013, but the project was canceled before it really took off; and a spin-off MMO called Triad Wars was also scrapped. Thereby, sleeping dogs is the only product of this particular game universe that we have been able to play.

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition / Credit: Square Enix

“If anyone else has the opportunity to do it, I would love to see what they come up with,” Ferreira continued. “I don’t think anything is so precious that you should never touch it again. Even if they are not the same people who [made the first game]see what a new generation of developers would do with it [world]and continuing this story, would be exciting.

And then, perhaps a cheeky nod to a project that may still be in the works: “I think there’s something to build from here. And maybe it’s a movie, who knows? While – as far as we know – there is no new Sleeping Dogs game in production, in 2017 it was announced that a movie, starring A thugDonnie Yen as Wei Shen was on the cards. However, we haven’t heard much about his progress since. In 2020, Yen offered a small update stating that production would begin soon; and in 2021, he added to that, telling Collider, “I still have hope. I mean, every day they tell me it’s going to happen… I believe in fate. So if that’s going to happen, hopefully it will happen in the first half of next year.

Which one is… about now, Actually. Same goes for Ferreira’s comment – and the fact that he had a Sleeping Dogs Something so close to us as we were talking, kinda suss that out – suggest production start on the film? Maybe… and maybe not. We’re not drawing any conclusions – but I think we can all agree that More Sleeping Dogs would only be a good thing. You can find our full interview with Ferreira at Apex Legendsas the battle royale hit celebrates its third anniversary, here.

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