Six are Latin American on the list


Argentina’s Jorge Luis Borges in the best 100-pound position ever.

Six books by Latin American authors make up the ranking Spanish media produced by ABC The 100 Best Books in World LiteratureArgentina Jorge Luis Borges You Domingo Faustino SarmientoMexican Juan Rufocuban man Nicolas Guillon and Colombian Gabriel Garcia MarquezHis two works, together with the list, constitute more than 50 critics and authors consulted by the Spanish publication.

fiction Jorge Luis Borges and Facundo or Civilization and Barbary There are two books selected by Domingo in the Faustino Sarmiento ranking in which critics and authors each had to select the ten most original literary works by criteria.

Yes indeed, in post 33 remained the most universal writer of Argentine literature, Jorge Luis BorgesChosen for the volume of its stories fictionFrom 1944, where such texts appear in history as follows garden of forking paths, Pierre Maynard, author of Don Quixote south You circular ruins,

Domingo Faustino Sarmiento – Politician, teacher, ethics, essayist – came in at #78 with essays Facundo or Civilization and Barbary, a work which began to be serialized in 1845 and became a text of immense influence. This book has just been republished by Infobae let’s read and downloadable for free.

[”Facundo” se puede descargar gratis de Bajalibros clickeando acá]

Gabriel Garcia MarquezColombian and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, is the best Latin American of the selection: his novel, perhaps the most emblematic, A hundred years of lonelinessposition reached 24 list, while Love in the Time of Cholera was placed in position 53,

Juan Rufo and his first novel, Pedro Paramo, first published as a series and then as a book in 1955, also reached the chart established by ABC. in his work, which earned him this position 41 In the list, the author told how mexican revolution corrupted many of their leaders.

For its part, Cuba Nicolas Guillon It was also among Latin American sports on a list compiled by ABC. The so-called “national poet of Cuba”, who was also a journalist and who, through his literary and non-fiction works, reflected on the Afro-descendant population of the Caribbean island, took with him the list of the best universal literature. Work Songoro Kosongolocated on the post 61, This is a collection of poems that distinguished him as the great writer of his country. Posted in: 1931managed to combine colloquial Cuban expressions with rhythms of songs inherited from Africa.

They choose the hundred best books of all time: six are Latin American on the list

[”Cien años de soledad” puede conseguirse en formato digital en Bajalibros clickeando acá]

writers and critics such as Fernando Aramburu -author of Country-, Argentina Rodrigo Fresson, Arturo Perez-Riverte -author of falconIn many other books – Lorenzo Silva, Berta Vice Mhow, Enrique Villa Matasso and Manuel Vilas, among others.

Accordingly, a list that demonstrates the strength and early validity of the classical texts is as follows: Quixote of Cervantes, first place, then the odyssey You Iliad of Homer; The Divine Comedy of Alighieri; small village of Shakespeare; and the sixth the Bible,

For female writers, the first to arrive at 11th place is Emily Bronte Thief The Wuthering HeightsAfter Emily Dickinson And his poems, Natalia Ginzburg You family vocabulary, Iris Murdoch You sea, sea, Saint Teresa of Jesus By Residence You Jane Austen By Emma,

They choose the hundred best books of all time: six are Latin American on the list

[”Ficciones” se puede adquirir, en formato digital, en Bajalibros, clickeando acá]

Other functions that, according to the opinion of the guests, fulfill a hundred original functions are: the invention of lonelinessof Paul Auster, The year of Ricardo Riso’s deathof Joseph Saramago70. frankensteinof Mary Shelley, my roomof Virginia Woolf, poet in new yorkof Federico Garcia LorcaYou Transformof Franz Kafka.

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