Samuel L Jackson reacts to Jonah Hill breaking his movie oath record

Samuel L. Jackson is the master of the ‘motherf*cker,’ but he’s not the most expletive actor in the business: That honor goes to Jonah Hill.

Some of Jackson’s most iconic lines are reinforced with swear words: “Say ‘what’ again!” I defy you! I dare you twice, motherfucker pulp Fiction; and ‘I got it with those goddamn snakes, on that goddamn plane’ from Snakes on a plane, to name just two. He even narrated a children’s book full of swear words, titled Fuck you to sleep.

No one drops an F-bomb quite like him, and for a long time he held the record for most swear words uttered on screen. However, thanks to her jaw-dropping efforts throughout the 2010s, Hill took the top spot — and Jackson isn’t even in second place.

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In a recent appearance on The show tonight Jimmy Fallon has released a list of the actors who have sworn the most in movies. At the top is Hill, followed by Leonardo DiCaprio, with Jackson in third place.

“That’s bullshit,” he reacted, drawing laughter from Fallon and the audience. “I mean… no! No way, man, no way,” he joked.

“Jonah Hill and Leo? Really ? I do not believe that. Someone miscounted… is that for all swear words or just one specific swear word? he asked, saying if it was just for “motherf*cker” he would be the easy winner.

The results came courtesy of a Buzz Bingo poll, which looked at more than 3,500 movie scripts to determine which swearwords rank above the others.

Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. (Paramount Pictures)

Hill has used a total of 376 swear words in his filmography, with the vast majority split between super bad and the wolf of Wall Streetwith DiCaprio just below him with 361 swear words, again mostly from the wolf of Wall Street. Jackson only had 301 swear words to his name.

the wolf of Wall Street is particularly historic when it comes to swearing, with 715 mind-blowing swear words, beating pulp Fiction for the most expletive movie of all time.

by Adam Sandler Uncut Gems is the second most expletive film with 646 expletives, which is likely why the star ranks fourth behind Jackson with 295 expletives.

Next is Al Pacino with 255, then it’s a steep dive to sixth place with Denzel Washington, who uttered 183 swear words.

Billy Bob Thornton is seventh with 145, followed by Seth Rogen with 143, Bradley Cooper with 142 and Danny McBride with 136.

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