Sam Raimi wants to make a Batman movie

We all enjoyed a bit Batman in our lives lately. Since the release of Matt Reeves’ gritty reboot The Batman earlier this month, virtually everyone on the internet shared their love for the Dark Knight.

It turns out that also includes other very important film directors. Sam Raimi, who is perhaps best known for directing the original Tobey Maguire Spider Man trilogy, expressed how much he would like to be involved in the creation of a Batman movie if he had the chance.

Speaking of The Batmanbe sure to check out this recently released deleted scene, which is currently driving fans crazy.

“I’ve always loved Batman. If I ever saw the Batsignal in the air, I would run,” he said, speaking to Empire. But the caped crusader isn’t the only comic book character he’d be interested in bringing to the big screen himself: “If I heard that deep, gurgling laughter from The Shadow coming from the darkness, I’d come out too tentatively. And Spider-Man would be ahead of Doctor Strange, but I don’t want to put him on the list!”

Before he can continue making a Batman movie, the director will need to get his next strange doctor away first. After being pushed back for almost a year, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will finally hit the big screen on May 5 in the UK and May 6 in the US. Not only does it seem confirmed that Sir Patrick Stewart will make an appearance of sorts as Professor X, but the movie itself should apparently be one of marvel’s the largest to date.

This has yet to be officially announced, but according to a listing on a Brazilian ticketing site (and originally reported by Comic), the film will apparently run for 148 minutes (two hours 28 minutes), the same duration as Spider-Man: No Coming Home. As far as MCU movies go, only Infinity War, Eternalsand obviously) End of Game run longer, so yeah, pretty big. The trailers look super promising, so I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

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