Sales of religious books soar



There has been a significant increase in the sale of religious press over the past year Association of American Publishers. In 2021, the religious press category grew by 21.9%, earning $1.42 billion. An increase of this magnitude is the first for religious publishing, and follows an 8% decline seen in 2020.

The majority of revenue came from hardback sales (58.4%), followed by audio sales which were 7%. For the first time ever, downloadable religious audio sales have surpassed all other e-book sales, earning $100 million in 2021. (Weekly editors)

According Guinness World Records, The best-selling book of all time is the Christian Bible. It is not possible to know precisely how many copies have been printed in the nearly 1,500 years since it was brought into conformity and standardization, however, research conducted in 2021 by the British and Foreign Bible Society indicated a total number estimated between 5 and 7 billion copies. .

  • 5-7 billion copies of the Bible estimated in print
  • 800 million copies of the Quran estimated printed
  • 120 million copies of the Book of Mormon estimated in print (
Sales revenue of religious books in the United States from 2017 to 2021 (

Weekly editors reports that “results are part off AAP final estimate of total industry sales, which combines sales directly provided by publishers with projections for companies that do not report data to the association. Nine ECPA members contribute data to the report. Earlier in the year, the The AAP reported that sales of religious presses increased by 11% in 2021 out of 2020.

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