Review and summary of the movie Silent Night (2021)

While it sounds potentially intriguing, “Silent Night” does not reach the sparkling heights of the familiar comedies that served as inspiration. It’s never so fun, and the characters look like paper-thin versions of the kind of charmers we see in such movies. At the same time, Griffin’s film rarely achieves the suspenseful and unsettling vibe it aims for once the story takes a dark turn halfway through. Several actors among the solid set have defining moments, most notably Roman Griffin Davis, the filmmaker’s son, who made such an impression as a young star of “Jojo Rabbit”. But overall, they’re barely there characters, so it’s hard to care about whether they live or die – or even whether they’ll choose to live or die.

The day begins with the usual combination of joy and terror as couples and families gather for a Christmas feast at Knightley’s Nell, her husband, Simon (Matthew Goode) and their three children; Besides Roman Griffin Davis’ Art, Hardy and Gilby Griffin Davis play the twins Hardy and Thomas. (Griffin’s husband, Ben Davis, a seasoned cinematographer whose work includes “Eternals,” “Doctor Strange,” “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” and several Matthew Vaughn films, also contributed behind the scenes. Vaughn is among the producers of the film, so the project feels like an affair of family and friends all around.) The first sign that something is wrong amid the usual commotion is the fact that all these kids of teenager swear with wild abandon as they get ready. Art cuts his finger while slicing carrots, bleeding all over the veg in an ominous sign.

Next, Nell’s preening sister Sandra (Annabelle Wallis) arrives in a stunning red sequin bodycon dress, complete with sparkly heels that she bought with the money meant to serve as an education fund for the prissy girl. Kitty (Davida McKenzie). Then again, everyone is overdressed, with Simon and the twins in tuxedos, which contributes to the mood that something is wrong. The group also includes Sandra’s lackluster husband (Rufus Jones), as well as Doctor James (Sope Dirisu), the one who escaped when they all went to school together, and James’s much younger girlfriend. , Sophie (Lily-Rose Depp). And there’s the brash Bella (Lucy Punch) and her girlfriend, Alex (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), who watches and takes in all night long.

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