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For the editor:

Recently, books made available to the public at the Sanibel Public Library were attacked. In particular, these are books that deal with gender identity and are aimed at children. There are relatives in the community who want them to be relocated.

Parents can and should watch the media their children consume, be it books, TV, Snapchat, YouTube, movies, violent video games, TikToks, Instagram, other apps , etc. Many great media reviews are available on sites like Common Sense Media. We referred to the site often while raising our three children, now 20, 17 and 14 years old. Look at the books your kids bring home, and if you have a problem with them, talk to your kids about why you think they’re inappropriate. Monitor your children’s access to social media and online content. What they can find online is far more offensive than the books that have generated so much controversy here.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books in any library that parents may find offensive. For example, the Bible contains many descriptions of rape, incest, sodomy, and violent murder. In 2 Samuel, a young woman is raped by her half-brother, then he is killed. Also in 2 Samuel, Absalom is stabbed in the heart while hanging from a tree, then beaten again until he dies. In 2 Kings, Athaliah murders her children and grandchildren in order to become queen. In 2 Samuel, an army captain is killed in his sleep by two of his own men. They cut off its head and take it with them on their travels. They are then captured and King David cuts off their hands and feet and hangs up their corpses for public display. And the bloodshed goes on and on. Cain kills Abel of course. Jezebel is killed and her body eaten by dogs. Holofernes is beheaded. Sisera has a metal spike embedded in her head. All of these images are incredibly violent, horrific and disturbing, and inappropriate for young children.

And of course, the Bible refers to sodomy and homosexuality, and it was from the book of Genesis that the word sodomy entered our English language. Sodom was a city in the ancient world. In Genesis 19 a crowd wanted “make love” with two men who are guests of Lot. Lot offers his two young daughters to have sex instead. Later in the story, Lot himself becomes drunk after drinking wine provided by his daughters, and he has sex with his two daughters and they become pregnant. Many people would find this material offensive and disturbing.

Should children be forbidden to take a Bible? Of course not. But as with all controversial material, context and guidance can and should be provided by parents.

As the parent of a gay young adult, whom I love very much and am immensely proud of, I can tell you that she has no “become gay” because of a book she read at the library. To paraphrase Lady Gaga, she was “born like this.” He is a fantastic human being, so kind and caring. This is the best and funniest babysitter for little kids. She taught piano to economically disadvantaged children at the Heights Foundation, sang hymns in church, and participated in myriad acts of public service. She placed second out of 325 children in her high school class and received the University of Florida Presidential Scholarship, was invited to participate in the research program, and received the Bright Futures Scholarship. And yes, I am a proud and obnoxious father, but we must love and accept our young people for who they are – gay, straight, queer, trans, etc.

Removing books is a dangerous and slippery slope. Who decides which books are appropriate or not? Again, I think every parent should be free to review and regulate what their own children read. But removing access to a book from all children, when only some parents oppose it, is unfair.

When I was a kid in the 70s and 80s, life was tough for kids who were gay, gay, or different from the mainstream. Children were ostracized and ridiculed. There was a lot of emotional pain among these children. And I was oblivious to that pain at the time. Today the world has changed for the better. We have LGBTQ children and adults who contribute to the richness of our lives in Sanibel every day. They are all around you, even in this public meeting room. Let’s show them the kindness and encouragement they deserve.

Dr. Scott’s Crater


Editor’s Note: Crater is a member of the Sanibel City Council, but the council has no control over the Sanibel Public Library, its board, or its budget.

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