Religion and Spirituality Book Preview: August 2022


Republican Senator Tim Scott’s life story, a new book by Tony and Lauren Dungy and other titles will be released from religion and spirituality publishers in August.


1st of August

Shame and the Gospel: Transforming Our View of the Good News and Our Christian Communities by Trevor Withers (Malcolm Down, $16.99 trade paper, ISBN 978-1-912863-89-1) considers the role of shame in Christianity and what lessons the symbol of the cross has for modern Christians.

August 2nd

Agrarian Spirit: Cultivating Faith, Community, and Land by Norman Wirzba (Univ. of Notre Dame, $29, ISBN 978-0-268-20309-2) transforms agrarianism into a spiritual and political agenda centered on harmony with one’s environment and dedication to ensuring that the others prosper.

Earth Filled with Heaven: Finding Life in the Liturgy, Sacraments, and Other Ancient Church Practices by Aaron Damiani (Moody, $14.99 business paper, ISBN 978-0-8024-2536-2). Damiani, an evangelical Christian, explains and defends sacraments such as the Eucharist and baptism to non-liturgical Protestants.

In Plain View: The Daily Lives of Amish Women by Jasmine Silva (Herald, $20, 978-1513809816) offers an outside look at “how Amish women are uniting their families and communities,” according to the publisher.

Intersex: A Story of Faith, Identity, and Authenticity by Cynthia Vacca Davis (Lake Drive, $19.95 trade journal, ISBN 978-1-957687-06-3) tells the story of a young intersex man whose gender identity estranges her from her conservative evangelical family and community.

I worry about everything because I pray for nothing by Chad Veach (Bethany, $22.99, ISBN 978-0-7642-4018-8). Veach, a pastor, outlines ways to make prayer a simple, practical, and vital part of daily life.

America: A Story of Redemption by Tim Scott (Thomas Nelson, $28.99, ISBN 978-1400236497). The South Carolina native tells the story of his life, from growing up in a poor single-parent family to being elected to the United States House and then to the United States Senate.

Uncommon Influence: Saying Yes to a Useful Life by Tony and Lauren Dungy (Compassion, $19.99 business journal, ISBN 978-1-4964-5889-6). The former NFL coach and his wife recount raising adopted and foster children, and reflect on what it means to live out his Christian ideals.

August 16

Red Tara: The Female Buddha of Power and Magnetism by Rachael Stevens (Snow Lion, $29.95 commercial paper, ISBN 978-1-61180-969-5) digs into the red form of the Buddhist goddess Tara, including her history and association with the powers of magnetization and d subjection.

August 23

everyday magic by Mattie James (Worthy, $27, ISBN 978-1546002222) presents tips for integrating “MAGIC” — an acronym for meaningful, aesthetic, goal-oriented, intentional, and consistent practices — into daily life.

Race and Rhyme: Rereading the New Testament by Love Lazarus Sechrest (Eerdmans, $39.99, ISBN 978-0-8028-6713-1) examines what New Testament teachings about ethnic conflict and systems of oppression mean for contemporary anti-racism activists.

August 25

The promise of a sacred world by Nagapriya (Windhorse, $21.95, ISBN 978-1-9114-0-7904,) examines the teachings of Shinran, who founded Jōdo Shinshū, which is the most widely practiced branch of Buddhism in Japan, in a context modern.

August 30

Ceremonial Splendor: The Practice of the Priesthood in Early Modern France by Joy Palacios (Univ. of Pennsylvania, $54.95, ISBN 978-1-5128-2278-6) offers a sociological perspective on how seminaries in France in the 17th and 18th centuries instilled norms and expectations in aspiring clergy.

Ethics in action for sustainable development, edited by Jeffrey D. Sachs et al. (Columbia Univ., $40 business paper, ISBN 978-0-231-20287-9), examines theological considerations around achieving the 2015 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Learning Our Names: Asian American Christians on Identity, Relationships, and Vocation by Sabrina Chan et al. (IVP, $20 business paper, ISBN 978-0-8308-4774-7) examines how migration, faith, and race intersect in the experiences of Asian American Christians.

The God of the Way: A Journey into the Stories, People and Faith that Changed the World Forever by Kathie Lee Gifford and Jason Sobel (Thomas Nelson, $26.99, ISBN 978-0-7852-9043-8). TV personality Gifford and Rabbi Sobel explore the lives of key biblical figures in their follow-up to The Rock, the Road and the Rabbi.

What Kind of Christianity: A History of Slavery and Anti-Black Racism in the Presbyterian Church by William Yoo (Westminster John Knox, $30 trade journal, ISBN 978-0-664-26467-3) exposes the Presbyterian Church’s complicity in slavery and details how modern Presbyterians can promote anti-racism.


August 2nd

brand of life by Chris Fabry (Tyndale, $16.99, 978-1-4964-6127-8) the author of the novelizations of Courageous and Crisis unitis behind the novelization of the new film, brand of lifewhich hits the big screen on September 9.

August 30

Florentine heritage by Lauraine Snelling (FaithWords, $15.99, ISBN 978-1478920120). Fulfilling their deceased friend’s last wishes, three women travel to Italy and learn lessons about love, heartbreak and friendship.

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