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BBC series Barn Hill was praised for dealing with difficult and taboo scenarios from the 1970s to the late 2000s, such as drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, sexuality and HIV. But after a 14-year hiatus, the series is set for a film reboot.

Phil Redmond, who was responsible for the hard-hitting school series, as well as the soap opera Brookside and Hollyoaks, recently said The Guardian this Barn Hill must be told in film format, because television has “lost the larger ambition” and streaming has its limits.

the BBC cut the series after 30 years of airing and eight seasons, but Redmond believes similar streaming school-related series are currently enjoying Sex education only “look at the characters on the premises, not the influence of the community at large”.

What will happen in Grange Hill the movie?

Redmond told BBC Breakfast that the film version of Barn Hill will tackle topics more relevant in today’s climate like bereavement, social media and rebuilding schools, as the aging principal battles an assistant principal who plays with the idea of ​​building a “super school” project.

He told the TV show: “We have been in four school rebuilding programs in my life, but it’s not about bricks and mortar, it’s about making the most of. every student. How will ripping schools from communities solve anything? Or make the catchment areas so big that children have to travel miles to be with their friends? “

“This is the thesis of the film: it was decided that the school is too expensive to maintain, it should therefore be demolished, the land sold and the proceeds used to build a new one and restore the local coffers”, a- he declared.

“I have always believed that children have the same emotions, fears, aspirations and phobias as everyone else. All they need is the experience of life.”

“Rather than riots in the dining room, this time their voices are heard on social media, a rebuttal unit led by the school geek against the council’s propaganda,” he said, noting how times have indeed changed for students.

Who is part of the cast of the movie Grange Hill?

Redmond confirmed The Guardian that he has a script in tow and that he’s looking to start casting soon.

The film is expected to feature former cast members of the original series to take the place of the parents or grandparents of the new students.

It is expected that the film will feature a lot of new talent and new faces, as they prepare for a rebooted school life.

What is the release date of the movie Grange Hill?

Creator Redmond has not officially confirmed a release date for Barn Hill tth film, but the film is slated for release later this year, or in early 2023.

Once we have a final release date, we’ll let you know here.

Grange Hill movie trailer

As the news just broke about the next one Barn Hill the film and production have not yet started, it is still too early for a trailer.

Keep checking back though, as we’ll drop one here as soon as it’s released.

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