Ray Liotta’s Goodfellas First Line Has Been Named The Greatest In Film History

Actor Ray Liotta’s Immortal First Lines From The Beginning Of Freedmen was recently voted the best intro in movie history.

Liotta sadly passed away yesterday, May 26. The revered actor died in his sleep in the Dominican Republic, where he was filming the next film Dangerous waters.

Since his passing, people remember some of Liotta’s most notorious and iconic roles – his portrayal of Henry Hill in Freedmen perhaps his outstanding performance.

Liotta’s character, Hill, narrates in the film’s iconic opening scene, in which he and fellow mobsters Joe Pesci and Robert DeNiro pull up to the side of the road and brutally execute a man hidden in the trunk of their car. car, shooting and stabbing him several times. while Liotta’s character Hill watches silently, his face lit by the red taillights before an abrupt cut in the opening credits.

“As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a gangster,” says Liotta’s first line.

Freedmen is often considered one of the most watchable films of all time, and with this brief scene, almost everything you need to know about the rest of the film and its characters is neatly summed up in less than two minutes, the deadpan narration de Liotta providing a tight summary of its tone and themes.

The Moment was ranked #1 in a user-voted poll of Best Cinema Opening Lines by Shortlist in February, beating out fierce competition from movies like Full Metal Jacket, support me and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas narrowly claim first place.

The world was shocked by the news that Liotta passed away at the age of 67. Among the first to pay tribute to the late actor, Liotta Freedmen co-star Robert DeNiro, who said in a statement that he “was very saddened to learn of Ray’s passing.”

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De Niro added: “He is far too young to have left us. May he rest in peace.”

Director Martin Scorsese also paid a heartfelt tribute to Liotta, saying he was “absolutely shocked and devastated” by the news and would always be proud of their work together.

“Playing Henry Hill in Freedmen was a tall order, because the character had so many different facets, so many complicated layers, and Ray was in almost every scene of a long and difficult shoot,” the filmmaker explained.

“He absolutely blew my mind and I will always be proud of the work we did together in this picture.

“My heart goes out to his loved ones, and it hurts for his loss, all too soon.”

Companion Freedmen Actress Lorraine Branco also said she was ‘broken’ to hear the news of her former co-star’s death, sharing a photo of the two of them together on Twitter, while saying that being with him had been the best part of making the movie.

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