People say the new movie is just as disturbing as the human centipede

Horror fans, do we have a treat for you – a new movie released on Disney Plus is so messed up people are comparing it to The human centipede. Watch the trailer here:

Costs isn’t your run-of-the-mill horror, though, as it begins in a similar style to your classic romcom.

The plot follows Noa, a woman who is fed up with the modern dating world and the apps that go with it (something I think we can all relate to).

But when she meets a guy named Steve in the stores, she decides to give him a chance and they swap numbers.

So far so good – but when Noa accepts Steve’s invitation to a weekend getaway, she soon discovers that her new partner has unusual appetites.

And that’s when things take a weird turn.

Credit: Searchlight Pictures/Hulu

Critics and audiences alike were both thrilled and disgusted with the film, which features normal people Daisy Edgar-Jones as Noa and Bucky Barnes actor Sebastian Stan as Steve.

GamesRadar writer Matt Maytum describes Costs as ‘a twisted genre pinball that requires a strong stomach’.

Elsewhere, Digital Spy’s Ian Sandwell said, “Our only word of warning, it’s probably best that you don’t eat a full meal before watching.”

Similar sentiments were shared by viewers at home, with one writing on Twitter: “Briah made me watch this movie titled Costs. This shit is crazy. As Human Centipede crazy level.

Another said: “I look Costs the Hulu movie and and it gives me Human Centipede vibration.”

“The Disney+ movie Costs basically showed that meeting people organically is way worse than meeting them online lmfao,” a third joked, adding, “That was disturbing.

Others were quick to praise the acting on display alongside the film’s more disturbing beats.

“Kidnapping/serial killers/torture is not my kind of horror,” one commented online.

“Corn Costs was solid. It’s very gross, extremely disturbing, and I probably won’t see it again, but Sebastian Stan and @DaisyEdgarJones absolutely smashed their roles, and the pacing is perfect.

The film was released on Hulu in the US on March 4 and finally released on March 18 in the UK on Disney Plus after being pushed back a few weeks.

So what are you waiting for? If this is your failed cup of tea, it’s worth adding Costs to the watch list – just make sure your stomach is ready.

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