People blown away after seeing how the movie is shown in theaters

Moviegoers have been stunned by the way films are screened in theaters. Watch the clip here:

You probably haven’t given too much thought to how your movie is shown as you squat in your seat armed with a big popcorn and a Tango Iceblast, breathing a sigh of relief as you turn off your phone and walk out. reality for a few hours of happiness.

However, a TikToker has revealed behind the scenes of what’s going on to ensure you can watch the latest Marvel release or the spooky horror you’ve been dragged into by your friends.

The TikTok account is for the Jet Center, an entertainment complex located in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

One of his posts asks his followers, “Have you ever wondered how your movie gets shown in a theater?”

Viewings are controlled by large digital projectors located in a back room. Credit: Alamy

An employee can then be seen taking the viewer out of the cinema and into one of the establishment’s back rooms where it is revealed that “everything” is controlled by “digital projectors”.

The post amassed hundreds of thousands of views and floods of comments as moviegoers rained down in surprise on how films are shown on the big screen.

One user said: “I thought it was connected to a computer with a very long hdmi cable.”

“Wow, I didn’t know that was a projector! I thought that was a big TV,” said another.

A third was confused because they had always assumed a member of staff was in the room handling the machines. “So there is no one up there,” they questioned.

Jet Center replied, “No! They’re all on performance schedulers to play movies automatically at the right time.”

However, some users lamented the updated tech systems and aesthetics of older machines.

“Madam to work on old 35mm films. Bring back the good old days,” one commented.

Another agreed: “I worked in the theater booth when it was still 35mm film, and I was there when digital started to be slowly introduced. It still makes me sad and nostalgic.”

Some TikTokers have lamented the old-school technique of using reels to show movies.  Credit: Alamy
Some TikTokers have lamented the old-school technique of using reels to show movies. Credit: Alamy

Despite the nostalgia, however, Jet Center noted that the reels “weigh a ton”.

A movie buff already knew how cinemas worked, having learned from none other than Mr. Bean.

They said, “I remember seeing how it’s done on Mr Bean the movie Years ago. Instant flashback.”

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