One of the must-have books for Christians in 2022, Keep Your Eyes On Jesus by Lucie K. Mangala


New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – March 28, 2022) – Author Lucie K. Mangala wrote a stunning call to action in Keep your eyes on Jesus, an exploration of centering our Lord and Savior through the many seasons of Christian life. This powerful devotion reminds readers of the Body of Christ and encourages all to walk alongside Jesus in God’s grace.

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It is never too late to come to Jesus; today is the time.

Keep your eyes on Jesus provides a solid foundation by deepening the Word of God. Mangala shows how Jesus is present in all things and underlines the fact that the Will of God does not always correspond to the expectations of the faithful who pray. The book also includes a mission to uplift those who are not yet whole in Christ and give them the roadmap to find salvation.

Regardless of their religious background, readers over the age of 14 can benefit from the lessons and thought-provoking questions of Keep your eyes on Jesus. The only requirement is an active interest in discovering the Love of God and the importance of Jesus.

Unlike other similar titles, Keep your eyes on Jesus is a welcoming and accessible book with broad appeal to adults, young adults, and students. Each chapter is designed to bring out the meaning of the Bible and God’s Word. Instead of repeating verses or giving superficial explanations, Keep your eyes on Jesus transforms readers into active participants in their faith.

Keep your eyes on Jesus is clear and concise to ensure everyone can easily understand the main topics. Through his work, Mangala helps to prepare a Church ready to receive and serve God with all his heart, mind and soul.

Keep your eyes on Jesus is available for purchase at, Barnes & Noblesand most major retailers.

Lucie Mangala is a Christian author who is passionate about revealing God’s Love to all. She was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and obtained her medical degree from the University of Kinshasa. As a born-again Christian, mother and grandmother, Mangala is dedicated to serving her community and her Church with her whole being. When she’s not writing, she enjoys the piano and tennis. Mangala lives and writes in North Carolina. Visit it online at

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