One of the best horror books to read in 2022, It Shall Be Light in the Evening Time: The Final Chapter by Pierre S Hughes


Pierre S Hughes, prolific author of over a dozen books, explores the gloominess of the end times in his haunting latest, It will be light in the evening: the last chapter. Hughes combines the creeping suspense of horror with biblical themes to deliver a truly chilling read.

It will be light in the evening follows the life of Timothy, a devoted deacon who slowly crumbles as he loses his family to COVID-19. As he realizes his loved ones are connected to a mysterious set of numbers, they each return to him as guardian angels, delivering signs that the end is near.

Timothy believes he has discovered the Antichrist, but those in power around him refuse to acknowledge the truth. With only dreams and strange numbers to guide him, Timothy must prove the identity of the Antichrist or get lost in the process.

Adult horror, thriller and suspense fans will appreciate the unpredictable plot and complex historical elements of Hughes’ work. Besides the question of the identity of the Antichrist, It will be light in the evening challenges readers to wonder if warning signs might be hiding in the most mundane places.

Critics praise It will be light in the evening, describing it as “frantic and dark”. Timothy is a well-developed and realistic protagonist who easily draws the reader into the psychological aspects of the story. From ancient religion to the difficulties of the modern world, Hughes’ latest work has something to offer even the most discerning reader.

Pierre S. Hughes is a self-help Christian novelist and author. He hopes his writings will help people understand their true purpose in life and see that there are always better days ahead. Visit him online at

It will be light in the evening is available for purchase at or wherever books are sold.

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