New Scientific Study Shows ‘Hereditary’ Scariest Movie Ever



A new study from has found that, scientifically speaking, Gabriel Byrne’s psychological horror film Hereditary is the scariest movie of all time.

The film, which features the Dublin-born actor opposite Toni Collette as a grieving family haunted by a mysterious presence after the death of their secret grandmother, has beaten people like Seen and The Babadook who came in second and third place respectively.

How can something like this be determined scientifically, you might be thinking? In order to find out which movie is the ultimate fear party, asked 150 volunteers to watch a selection of top horror movies for the first time while wearing heart rate monitors.

The films were selected through a survey of 2,542 “gorehounds” who were asked to rank their top 10 horror films.

Hereditary topped the list as the most thrilling horror film, causing the pulses to soar to an average of 115 BPM – compared to the average resting heart (60 – 100 BPM).

Insidious, a quiet place and Lowering also ranked very high on the list which you can see in full below.

“As humans, there is a wide range of reasons we enjoy watching horror movies,” said Lee Chambers, psychologist and wellness consultant who worked with on the study. . “First, it’s a form of entertainment. Our desire to seek sensations and avoid boredom leads us to a type of movie where something horrible can happen at any moment.

“There is also understanding the limits of our own emotions, from the comfort of our home or our cinema. You can be terrified but still safe, you can even hide behind the couch if that is too much. of emotional regulation is powerful, and it allows us to test our fear and anxiety in a controlled environment. “


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