New Line Cinema is “eager to make a standalone Dr. Evil movie”

New Line Cinema would like to make a Dr. Evil spin off film from the Austin Powers universe.

According to a report by Puck, Matthew belloni suggests that the raunchy comedy franchises are about to make a comeback, and you can have a discussion about the film genre without mentioning the beloved spy parody series.

He wrote: “New line [Cinema]We told me, would love to make a Dr. Evil movie, if Mike Myers would stop smearing his brand with shit like The Pentaverate.”

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Rumors are circulating about an upcoming Austin Powers movie for years, but, if Belloni’s report has anything to do with it, the next installment might focus on the villain instead to breathe new life into the franchise.

While Dr. Evil hasn’t graced the big screen in over two decades, the quirky antagonist made a comeback of sorts in 2018.

He poked fun at Donald Trump, reigning as president while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy fall on.

In the skit, Austin Powers’ nemesis confirmed he was the latest to be fired from the Trump administration shortly after former White House press secretary Sean. Spicer and US Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned.

The video has since gained over five million views, and many are pleading for Dr. Evil to officially return to our screens.

One person wrote, “He makes an even better Dr. Evil now that he’s older. I hope they make a 4th Austin Powers!”

Another said: “It was a real treat to watch. I miss him Austin Powers so many days.

While another commented: “I can’t even begin to tell you how much better we feel knowing Mike Meyers is back!!!”

In May, Mike Myers spoke with SiriusXMit’s jess Cagleand he hasn’t ruled out the idea of ​​an overhaul of the comedy movie franchise.

He said: “I can neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence of such a project, whether it exists or not.

Wow, someone was heavily media trained.

Cagleit is SiriusXM co-host Julia Cunningham replied, “It’s like ‘yes’, I’m sorry. It’s like you wanted to say yes.”

Jess added: “It looks like confirmation that it’s going to be announced.”

The 59-Age the actor replied, “It was a not-confirmed certificate certificate. »

Oh my god, stop playing with our emotions.

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