Netflix turns Keanu Reeves comic into a live-action movie


Netflix turns a graphic comic book written by Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt and drawn by Ron Garney into a live-action movie.

BRZRKR (which is pronounced berserker) speaks of a man half-human, half-God and “forced” to violence.

The synopsis explains, “After wandering the world for centuries, B. may have finally found refuge – working for the US government to wage battles that are too violent and too dangerous for anyone.

“In return, B. will be granted the one thing he wants – the truth about his endless bloody existence … and how to end it.”

Credit: BOUM! Workshops

It sounds pretty intense, and it looks like the live-action version of the 12-issue limited series will be just as violent.

There’s a scene where a guy’s head explodes from a single punch and another moment where a guy is stabbed with a piece of his own rib cage. Yes, it is exceptionally violent.

Keanu Reeves will produce and star in the film and he teams up with The batman writer Mattson Tomlin to help turn the comic book pages into a script.

In addition to this, Netflix has also ordered an anime spin-off TV series on BRZRKR.

Speaking to Collider, Reeves said he was very happy with the plans.

Credit: Warner Bros.
Credit: Warner Bros.

“We’re working with Netflix which has been really cool. They’re going to let us do an R-rated story, which is cool.

“My ambition or my hope is not to make a filmed version of the comic so that they have things in common, certainly the main character and his kind of rules, but that we can take him elsewhere as well.

“We’re talking to different animation companies and trying to figure that out. And, again, for me, I hope to be inspired and influenced… there are rules to the story, but I want other creators too. to make their version of it.

“So I’m hoping to do a different version of a metaverse where, in the sense, you have different storytellers with a set of rules but go to other places with it.

“We’re trying to start an animation company and we hired a writer for the movie Mattson Tomlin. He’s been cool and is just starting to put things in place. That’s where we’re at.”

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