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After almost two years of waiting, ‘A Holy Conspiracy’ (Debotar Grash) will finally have its theatrical release. The film is set to hit the big screens on July 29.

What is interesting is the cast of this film. This is the first time we would see acting powerhouses Naseeruddin Shah and the late Soumitra Chattopadhyay share the screen. This fact alone makes Saibal Mitra’s film too interesting! When two powerhouse performers, who have kept generations hooked on the big screen, share the screen, it’s surely a delightful experience for any movie lover.

“A Holy Conspiracy” is an adaptation of the novel “Inherit the Wind” by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E Lee. It also stars Biplab Dasgupta, Amrita Chattopadhyay and Kaushik Sen in key roles.

The story takes place in the context of Hillolganj, a township, most of whose inhabitants are from the Adivasi community and are Christians by religion. There, Kunal Joseph, a science teacher, does not want to teach The Genesis of the Bible before science. But it’s an unwritten rule in college to teach Genesis that Kunal refuses because the Bible is beyond his jurisdiction. Management eventually suspends Kunal. Following this, communal tension begins in the area as Kunal is a Hindu and is imprisoned for offending Christians.

Once Kunal’s misery hits the headlines, all attention turns to Hillolganj. Kunal’s trial begins in Hillolganj Court and two renowned lawyers – Reverend Basant Kumar Chatterjee and Anthon D’Souza – argue for and against him. While Soumitrada plays Basant Kumar, Naseeruddin Shah will be seen as Anthon. They are the backbone of the film, Additionally, Kaushik Sen plays a Delhi-based journalist. It is a trilingual film where the characters will speak Bengali, Hindi, English, in addition to Adivasi languages.

Naseeruddin first appeared in Prabhat Roy’s Bengali film ‘Protidan’ and his latest was Judhajit Sarkar’s ‘Khasi Katha – A Goat Saga’.

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