Movie Review: Did Patience Ozokwor give the mean stepmother vibes in Mama’s Big Stick?

You see someone like Patience Ozokwor in a movie, and you think you’re in a movie full of drama. Did Mama’s Big Stick give us that dramatic vibe, or was it an attempt gone wrong? We will see.

Mama’s Big Stick revolves around a couple (Mofe Duncan and Peggy Ovire) and their mothers who desperately wanted them to have grandchildren. So the couple decided to take their mothers (Patience Ozokwo and Maureen Ihua) on vacation. Yet it felt like a vacation gone wrong because mothers were constantly looking for mischievous ways to get their children to have sex so the woman could get pregnant.

At intervals, the mothers have misunderstandings, but both always find a way to become friends again to achieve their goal. The main problem starts when they find out that the girl is taking birth pills, but unfortunately for her, even after deciding to stop using the birth pill, she couldn’t conceive. Did she finally get pregnant?

Unlike most Nollywood comedy movies, Mama’s Big Stick has a great storyline and good plot structure. You get the essence of the film at the start of the movie, and the pacing is awesome. We didn’t have to look for comedy in the film because we have to have a good laugh throughout the film. It’s nice that despite being a comedy, Mama’s Big Stick isn’t all that predictable, and just when you think you’ve reached the end of the movie, something else pops up. The wave from the comedic part to the emotional part feels good. And oh yes, Mama’s Big Stick would make you fall in love. From start to finish, Mama’s Big Stick is a good watch.

The cast of Mama’s Big Stick deserve all the accolades. They held the film together from start to finish, conveying the right emotions at every turn. The game felt so real, and given that we hadn’t seen Patience Ozokwor in a while, seeing her felt like she hadn’t even left the screen at all. We definitely want to see her more in the movies. For Mofe Duncan and Peggy Ivie, their chemistry was believable and they would kind of make you scream “god when”. Not leaving Maureen Ihua, too, for doing her role justice.

The director has also done a great job, especially with the pacing of the film, and there are hardly any flaws in the film. Well, aside from a scene where sick Peggy had eyelashes early in the morning. Like why now. Beyond that, the staging of Mama’s Big Stick is good.

The cinematographer did a good job with the image quality and angles of his scenes. It well fed our eyes with sights of the area while seeing the movie.

Let’s say Mama’s Big Stick is a good watch, and for the ratings it would get a 10/10.

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