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The rest of the cast includes Steven Yuen as Jupe, a huckster who runs some sort of alien carnival in the same middle of nowhere where the Haywoods have their ranch, and Angel (Brandon Perea), a technician who specializes in equipment. monitoring that he sells. from a Best Buy clone called “Ray’s”. Jupe is the survivor of a horrific freak accident on a TV show who used a certain type of animal for the first time. Angel is hired to install sophisticated cameras on the Haywood ranch so that Otis and Emerald can be the first to capture “Oprah’s photo” of a specific event that I won’t reveal. All that focus on being the first to do something! Again, no detail is completely extra in a Jordan Peele film.

With “Nope”, Peele continues to explore and repeat certain elements of his earlier works. Like “We”, there is a biblical quote that can be another breadcrumb trail to follow. This time it’s Nahum 3:6, which says “I will bombard you with garbage, treat you with contempt, and put on a show for you.” The focus is also on animals, with horses playing a major role here. Unlike the deer in “Get Out” and the rabbits in “Us,” symbols of creatures whose prey is prey, Peele reverses the power dynamic by turning the most dangerous predator of them all into prey. There is also the unusual use of an inanimate object; in “Us” it was scissors, in “Nope” it’s a fake horse and those weird air-filled things that swing at every used-car dealership.

‘Nope’ isn’t as good as ‘Get Out’ or ‘Us’, but it’s definitely Peele’s scariest film. He’s always been more Rod Serling than Rob Zombie, and that’s more evident here. There’s humor in the minority characters’ reactions to the horror (yes, they say “no” like most people would say “oh HELL NAW!”), but the director really relies on the premise of Hitchcock on suspense versus surprise. Waiting for something terrible to happen is always worse than when it happens. What’s more, Peele remains a master of misdirection, offering fleeting glimpses of something wrong or keeping the most brutal violence just beyond our sight. The sound mixing is excellent, and I’ll never get tired of black protagonist-centric horror films that are more than fodder for whatever kills everyone.

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