Movie Fans React to Jack Harlow’s ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ Reboot

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  • white men can’t jump East a 1992 classic starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson.
  • The film follows two street basketball hustlers who first try to hustle and then team up for a bigger score.
  • It is now reported that rapper Jack Harlow will star in the film and moviegoers had some thoughts.

I was born in March 1993. The original white men can’t jumpwhich starred Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson, hit theaters a year prior in March 1992. And similar to our recent realization that *we* are now the demographic the Super Bowl aimed to please with the spectacle of halftime this year, the fact that The white man can’t jump is already being redesigned also makes me realize how old I have become.

Not only is The white man can’t jump being remade just three decades after its theatrical release, but it was supercharged with Gen-Zness as rapper Jack Harlow — who is actually dope but nonetheless, the point remains — was cast in the lead role.

As you may know, the internet disagrees on a lot of things these days, but the reaction to Harlow in the role has been mostly unanimous: thanks, but no thanks. And to be fair to Harlow, people are more focused on this not being a movie that needs to be remade than on him.

Calmatic is directing from a screenplay by Kenya Barris and Doug Hall. The film follows two street basketball hustlers who first try to hustle and then team up for a bigger score.

Harlow will step into the role played by Woody Harrelson and the circumstances behind getting the lead role are exceptional. He landed the lead role after his very first on-screen audition, winning over filmmakers and executives, especially Barris, immediately. [via Deadline]

Honestly, I understand Steven Spielberg’s remake West Side Story, as it could introduce a whole new generation of viewers to the film. Corn The white man can’t jump not feeling well. The rule should be that an entire generation, 30 to 35, should be the dividing line between what can and cannot be redone.

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