Mike Myers Teases A Fourth Austin Powers Movie Could Be On The Cards

Take the velvet pants and the ruffled ties because a fourth Austin Powers the movie could be in the works, according to Mike Myers.

Sitting with Sirius XMit’s jess Caglethe comedy legend hasn’t explicitly ruled out that the film franchise is dead.

He said: “I can neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence of such a project, whether it exists or not.

Cagle’s Sirius XM co-host Julia Cunningham replied, “It’s like ‘yes’, I’m sorry. It’s like you wanted to say yes.”

jesse added, “It looks like confirmation that it’s going to be announced.”

The 58-years the actor replied, “It was a not-confirmed certificate certificate. »

Ahhh stop with those Myers mind games; We need to know!

the old SNL the star said he would ‘love’ to do another movie and revealed his 10-years son memorized the whole first movie.

While his character Dr Evil has appeared several times on The show tonight and during a 2022 Super Bowl ad, Myers did not confirm whether his iconic British spy character could return to the big screen.

The last time we saw this happen was for Austin Powers in gold member, which hit theaters two decades ago.

Credit: New Line Cinema/Alamy

Back in 2018, while on the red carpet, Myers also talked about the possibility of a fourth film for Access Online.

He said: “You’re going to see Dr. Evil soon, somewhere in the culture. The [fourth Austin Powers] movie…it looks good.”

He added: “They take a long time to write, they always have.”

Not only The Love Guru the actor hints at another movie, but he also said that the film’s original director, Jay Roach, would be interested in returning to the spy comedy browse.

He said: “They’re taking a long time to recover, Jay’s been crazy – he’s doing a fantastic movie right now that he’s working on.”

Myers first introduced the world to Austin Powers in 1997 when he played the role of shagadelic secret agent alongside Elizabeth Hurley, Robert Wagner, Seth Green and Mindy Sterling.

Austin Powers: The International Mystery Man went on to earn US$67.7 million at the box office and spawned two more sequels, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Fucked Me and Austin Powers in gold member.

We’d be curious to see what Myers’ great comedic spirit has in store for us. Austin Powers 4 because given what he has already told us, another film sounds absolutely groovy baby!

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