Luigi’s voice actor says he knows ‘nothing’ about the Mario movie

Although Seth Rogan’s mother can’t believe her son was cast in the role, fans seemed to welcome the funny man as Donkey Kong. In fact, the response has been so warm, and Nintendo is so sure of the film’s success, that Rogan has already been signed for another solo Donkey Kong movie.

Now spotted by My Nintendo News, Luigi’s voice actor Charlie Day has shared his take on the voice recording process. Best known for his role in It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, Day was hyperbolic when he told chat show host Jimmy Kimmel about the project.

If you’re a big Super Mario fan, check out the Super Mario Lego Collection trailer below.

“I play Luigi. I was actually recording this this morning, and I’d love to tell you all about it, but they’re top secret with that kind of stuff. I know nothing. I know nothing. I show up and they say ‘you say this’ and ‘you say that’ and it’s all very funny and good, then I go out and there’s like two guys in overalls with like hammers saying ‘not you say nothing nobody about this Charlie. I swear to god we’re gonna take your kneecaps, we’re gonna break your neck.'”

Although Nintendo does not share its toys, it is unlikely that it has called the Hammer Bros. Recently, he hit a non-profit YouTube channel with over 1,300 copyright strikes for sharing Nintendo soundtracks. This despite there being no official way to listen to most of Nintendo’s music library.

Aside from Day saying he wasn’t allowed to read ahead in the script, it’s interesting that he also claims the actors don’t do table reads together. Instead, he says each actor records their lines in isolation. Whatever Nintendo is planning, it looks like the public will be the last to know if even the cast is left in the dark.

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